Sleepwalking my way through life: May 2007

The End

Thursday, May 03, 2007
Hello. I'm Joe, a 15 year old geek from Glasgow. Well I don't think I'm a geek but since that's the general opinion of all my friends I guess I'll go with that. What else? I guess that I can start with what I like.

That was almost three years ago, when I first logged on to Blogger and crafted my first and very badly written post. I thought it was brilliant, funny, and that any moment I would be snapped up by a publishing company. It’s amazing now to look back and see what my style was like, when I shortened words and said “itz” instead of “it’s” (I still shudder inwardly whenever I read that). And that was only in the beginning of my quest to plague the internet. Six hundred posts later and here I am, mission accomplished.

They say that one of the hardest parts to writing a story would be coming up with a good ending. To end a story you need a conclusion, or a cliff-hanger, or a resolution of some sort just to bring the arc to a close. But not always. Sometimes the story can go on forever, with infinite amounts of plot twists and revelations, but the narrative has to end – otherwise what’s really important will be bogged down with too much text. In the sea of words the reader will miss the development, the growth of character. All the metaphors, imagery, word choice will be lost in the never-ending story.

When the narrative runs its course, it doesn’t mean the end of the story. The characters will continue to live their lives. They’ll continue to smile, laugh, cry, hate, live and die – they just don’t need a narrative to tell it anymore.

Hello. I’m Joe, an 18 year old writer from Glasgow. Well, I don’t consider myself a writer just yet, but it seems to be the general opinion of a lot of my friends so I’ll go with it anyway. What else? I guess I can write whatever I like really.

And write I will.