Sleepwalking my way through life: When in doubt, blog about blogging

When in doubt, blog about blogging

A word! I have written a word! Oh, there are more words now. This is good. This is very good. This blogging nonsense is easy as pie! I don’t have bloggers block at all. Yes yes, this is going swimmingly.


Crap. I’ve lost it.

And so I bring my fist down on my knee with blazing frustration and I cast aside my Lapdancer with a resenting shove. I sit on my bed, fuming at my inability to write, before I think better of myself and retrieve my beloved computer. The rest of the night is spent scanning page after page of useless junk while the Word document is hidden away out of vision.

I hate it when this happens. When I sit at a computer and all I can feel is the pointlessness of writing another post. Why bother talking about my day at university, do people really care so much about my mundane life? And besides, there’s no point in writing it if I don’t have a clear cut conclusion, or at least a witty remark to finish off with. I should just forget about it and try another night. But I ignore my own advice and try anyway. I slip on my earphones and close my eyes as my fingers hover over the keyboard, swishing to the beat of the music that’s immersing my brain with ideas and my hands with thoughts. I type the first few words, the song building up and the beat quickening, before I find myself a standstill. The music continues to flow into my mind, but seems to leak out through my eyes as I stare hopelessly at the empty screen.

I blame my recent spurt in creativity. Finishing two stories and starting half a dozen more seems to be taking its toll on my blogging ability. An over abundance of energy is being poured into my pen and notebook; energy that, I bet, is being redirected from the chunk of my brain devoted to blogging. Soon the balance will be restored and I will write and blog as regularly as I always have. Or maybe, God forbid, the scales may swing in the other direction and I’ll be stuck with no creative drive but my feed will flood with the amount of posts I’ll be updating.

Going out and getting drunk. The crushingly abundant horrors of university. The warmth of rekindled friendships. Pages upon pages of books. The astounding amount of new ideas forming behind my darting eyes. Insomnia. Relationships. Bad backs. Birthday gifts. Passports. Gut numbing countdowns. There are so many things that I should be able to sit back and pour my heart out about, so many ideas that scream out and wish to drown me in their topical goodness. But (despite this immensely successful breakthrough) I am still suffering from the block.

And until I fix it, I guess that you will have to put up with my sporadic updates and constant whining about university. Hopefully, I won’t be too long.

And since I don’t think my text sent properly – Happy Belated Birthday Dad.
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At 4:33 am, Blogger Jules said...

June would be a good time for us to have cheesecake.

At 1:59 pm, Blogger Joe said...


Oh no. Oh no oh no oh no oh no.

Email me.

At 6:50 pm, Blogger lamb chop said...

I hear you. My blogging has also been suffering of late. You seem to be doing a better job of at least producing some interesting and worthwhile stuff, though. *appreciative applause*

By the way, the phrase "blazing frustration" made me smile in my heart.

Good luck at University.

At 3:37 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks, son.


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