Sleepwalking my way through life: From now on, no more cheese before bed

From now on, no more cheese before bed

-Ok Joe, you can see first


-You can see it first. I trust that you’d understand it

Oh. That’s nice of you. Where is it?

-Over here, behind this door. She would’ve wanted you to see it

Is this where she…



There was this fantastic emotion welling up inside me. It was as if a waterfall was crashing down into a small glass, filling it up with such speed and intensity, and my chest felt as if it were about to burst, but I tried to remain as emotionless as possible. She led me down a small corridor which ended in a single white door. She leant over and reached for the golden shining handle – my stoic reflection warped by the curve of the handle.

-Are you ready?

Does it matter?

I felt something snap inside me. Some deep down muscle or sinew or something just gave in. She opened the door.




-I’m sorry, what is it?

The door slammed shut and she stormed off down the corridor, a fierce animal scream erupting from her chest. I stared at the reflection of the door handle as my body twitched and writhed out of shape, yet my face remained impassive. I could feel the glass tumbler inside me shatter under the pressure of the waterfall, and the raging river flowed off into nothing.

And I woke up.
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At 7:51 am, Blogger Elisabeth Ice Cream said...

What happend then? Oooh, what happend?

At 10:08 pm, Blogger Amaterasu Omikami said...


Yes Joe, what happened?!?!

At 10:32 pm, Blogger Joe said...

Well, after I woke up I pulled on some clothes and stumbled downstairs for something to eat. Then, after a busy day filled with activity and action, I went to bed and had a dreamless sleep.


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