Sleepwalking my way through life: Overheard in Uni

Overheard in Uni

Hopefully, with any luck, my internet will be up and running tonight. Although I know something will go wrong and we’ll end up waiting another week, I cannot help but sit with numb excitement.

“Look, I’m starving. Can we get something to eat when we reach town?”

“We don’t need something to eat when we get to town. We have… these!”



“I did not skip breakfast to sit with you on a train and eat chocolate chip cookies.”

“How about chocolate chip cookies and a sip of my capri sun?


“I’m listening.”


“Spiderman is shit.”

“Whoa whoa whoa, careful about your subject matter now.”

“He’s right, Spiderman is pretty crap.”

“You traitor.”


“So who’s better, Roger Moore or Sean Connery.”

“Timothy Dalton.”

“Who the fuck is that?”


“Anyone want some socks?”


“I’m going to buy some and I’m wanting to know if anyone else wants in on this once-in-a-lifetime deal.”

“On socks?”

“Hey, don’t mess with socks.”

“Socks, like Spiderman, are shit.”

“Oh, you did not just insult my Spiderman socks!”
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At 2:43 am, Blogger Elyse said...

First off-- even though it's not your fault, your feed is all awry and makes it hard to keep up with via rss. Which I suppose should have been my hint to actually visit, but let's admit that I'm lazy and the beauty of RSS is that I can keep all my favorite feeds in one place. Damn.

In other notes, I feel I should note that I'm most excited to randomly sit in the quad wherever I end up next year and just listen to snippets of other people's conversations as they pass by.

I already do that at lunch with shining, hilarious results.

At 12:53 pm, Blogger Joe said...

Ah yes, I've read your quotes page a few times before (more times than I care to admit - it's always s good place to go for a giggle).

Thanks for letting me know about the feed. I've recently turned it over to FeedBurner, so I'll post the new feed address (along with the trademark button) for people to update.



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