Sleepwalking my way through life: Ode to John Donne

Ode to John Donne

“Valentines day, eh?”

He looked up at me, a nervous smile appearing on his face.

“Tell me about it.”

We returned our attention to the glass cases in front of us – the jewellery enclosed behind them gleaming at us in the light. I leaned to try and have a better look at something, but I quickly pulled my face back from the glass and immediately rubbed off the smudge mark my nose left.

“So what are you getting her?”

I looked back at him, the nervous smile still playing on his face and the slightest sheen of sweat on his forehead.

“I was thinking a necklace or a bracelet or something.” I replied, indicating the sparkling necklaces lain out before me. “I’m not too sure though, how about you?”

He stuck a thumb at the section he was staring at. “I only got one hint; ‘Get me a new ring’. Her old one’s scratched to hell so she wants a new one.”

“I wish I had some kind of hint…”

“Sir?” One of the attendants walked over to my companion, carrying a small tray with a dozen rings lined up. “Here are the engagement rings you were asking for; would you like to step over here to have a closer look?”

I raised an eyebrow. “A new ring?”

He smiled again – a genuine one, no nervousness this time – and shrugged.

“I thought I’d give her a surprise.”

I looked at him in awe as he wandered off to the counter and picked laboriously examined rings. I returned to my choice and after ten minutes I found the perfect necklace and earring combo. As I left the shop with my purchase in tow I saw my companion holding a ring against the light to see it shine.

“Good luck.” I said on my way past. He gave me a nod, and I left the shop to join the multitude of men wandering the shopping centre – looking aimlessly for the right gift.

Happy Valentines day folks.
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At 7:19 pm, Anonymous Jane said...

You didn't need any hints. It was perfect.

At 11:57 pm, Anonymous brendan said...

Great writing, as always.


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