Sleepwalking my way through life: Going out guns-a-blazing

Going out guns-a-blazing

The point of this essay was to critically discuss the idea that the rich and the poor get what they deserve; and by looking at income, health and various other features along the way I have come to the conclusion that in some cases they do get what they deserve, and in some cases they do not. This may be an anti-climax of a conclusion, but I found trying to define the idea of rich and poor too tasking to complete with confidence, and whether they deserved their financial status or not even harder. It is unfair to lump everyone into two opposing groups and questioning whether they deserve something or not – questioning if someone deserves something demands a personal look into that individual’s life to determine if they have the merit to have what they do. You cannot generalise people who could be so different in nature.

The idea that the rich get what they deserve really depends on how the rich acquired their wealth. Did they come into money quite suddenly? Did they inherit land and wealth from family? Or did they work for their wealth with blood sweat and tears? Whether they deserve it or not must be able to be determined by how they achieved their wealth.

There are three main types of rich people; there are people who earned their fortune through hard work and business moves; there are people who come into wealth suddenly by a lottery win, or a sudden breakthrough with a band; and there are people who achieved their fortune through inheritance and did not work for it at all. The first example is most common in modern day life, with our society dominated by capitalism and the need for people to try and make money; the second one is fairly common too, with the rise of instant success of many music bands and books; and the latter example is still around today, but was much more common in the past with the aristocracy.

It is obvious that the most deserving of these three types would be the people who built their money up from scratch by working and manipulating business and their profession. They have earned their money, and should, therefore, be entitled to the benefits that come from spending it. The second type would also be deserving of their wealth, as they have done something to merit their wealth – even if it is just from buying a lottery ticket. But the final type are the ones who, mostly, would not deserve the often large amounts of wealth they have; people who are born into money do not have the modesty or humility to appreciate their money.

This same idea can be reversed for poor people. How did they fall into their pit of destitution? What are they doing to rectify their situation? There are people who are poor because they lost all their money in debt, there are people who lost it all to drugs, there are people who gambled it away. When looking at statistics it is impossible to discern one from the other, so who is to say that those people deserve and impoverished life?

Without taking a more in depth look at individual people it is impossible to determine whether or not they “deserve” their wealth. In short, I have come to the conclusion that the claim that states the rich and poor get what they deserve to be grossly without merit.

I think that I’m slowly realising that 5am is not the best time to write an essay.
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At 11:43 am, Anonymous Bekka said...

If by some strange turn of events (which are of course very unlikely and there's no reason for me to be even mentioning this)--echem-- if somehow I find myself on your darling isle wanna go on a date? Bring the other European RS kids too?

At 9:33 pm, Anonymous Kiwiqueen said...

Oooooh Joe! Get you...


At 1:58 am, Blogger Joe said...

Bekka - Hell yeah I would. We could congregate and have meaningful conversations about the weather.

Kiwi - Yeah, I always start out with good intentions, but by the end of the essay I turn sarcastic and bitter in a "look here's what i want to write instead of the right answer" type of way.



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