Sleepwalking my way through life: One sheep two sheep three sheep four

One sheep two sheep three sheep four

The corridor was filled with people, each of them pushing past me with a ghostly silence. My companion was talking animatedly with someone over a counter, her hair dancing around her in the twilight as she tried to convey what she wanted. She gave up and looked at me with a sunken face.

Any luck?


In a flurry of frustration, she barged by me and grabbed the first bystander she saw, shaking him violently. Despite her furious face and aggressive manner, he just looked at her with his eyes half shut and jaw hanging slightly open.

¿Donde está Mal?

There was no response. I looked on and shook my head.

¿Donde está, por favor?

His eyes rolled.




I looked up. Here?

The bystander nodded towards the door in front of us; the door that stood out from the rest and now seemed the oh so obvious place to hide the elusive Mal. My companion looked at me excitedly and abandoned the clueless bystander to burst through the door ahead. I followed behind at a walk, smiling happily at our achievement and patting the bystander on the back.

The sun set as soon as I stepped through the door and I flicked the switch on the wall to light up a brightly decorated room. The chandelier cast a golden light over the creamy walls, each decorated with paintings and elegant tapestries. In the reflection of the long mirror I watched the door behind me, made of gold and encrusted with jewels, close with a loud thud. Mal stood in the centre of the room, holding a book in one hand and smiling a knowing smile. My companion was lying on the bed; her hair fell about her shoulders and a slender hand stroked the silk sheets.

The lights cut out and the moon sprang up from behind the curtained windows. My companion stood up, her tanned body illuminated in the moonlight, and stepped up the wall. Her bare feet lightly ran along the wall before she angled up again and reached the ceiling. She stepped over to the chandelier before lying down beside it, curled up in a ball like a cat. Her shining eyes stared at me from behind strands of hair.

¿Y tu?

Mal was up beside her, the book replaced by a glass of gravity defying champagne but the knowing smile remained.

No. Palmer may need me.

And I was on the bed, staring in to space.

¿Cómo puede usted ser seguro?

He always does.

The house shook and I was thrown to the side, falling off the bed and tumbling to the floor. The room tilted and water began flooding in from the window – frothing and bubbling up, absorbing the bed that slid into its depths. I looked up and saw my companion holding on to Mal who was still smiling that damned knowing smile.

¿Qué ahora?


And I woke up.
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At 10:59 pm, Blogger John said...

A) The moon doesn't spring, fool.
B) Did I just get turned on by a gay spanish soap?

I love you so much.



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