Sleepwalking my way through life: At last

At last

After eight very long hours of fiddling, typing, and a horrible amount of pasting, I finally fix my blog.

Due to the change from Old Blogger to New Blogger (formerly Blogger Beta), my humble little site lost its RSS feed and was suddenly unable to hold comments. In simple terms? It got buggered up.

But now I have sorted it all. I went through three different designs – the first one being a bad design and the second one failing at the first hurdle – before I reached this final product. And I have to admit, it isn’t too shabby. There are still a few things I’d like to tweak here and there, maybe design a new header or change the background colour, but so far I’m happy with it. Good thing I was looking for a change in look anyway.

And now I think I’ll go to bed.

Edit: Oh shit. It looks absolutely terrible in IE. Do I have to fix that too? Dammit.

EditII: Things seem to be working fine now, thanks to my extremely amateur hacking skillz. And a thanks for all the help from the technologically genius RSers.
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At 4:02 am, Blogger Jules said...

Looking good.

At 2:36 pm, Anonymous Elisabeth Ice Cream said...

I like the design. Long live Firefox!!!

At 7:16 pm, Blogger Vivian said...

Yes, seriously. People hardly ever use IE anymore, and people who do need to switch to firefox right away.

Nice work. Me like.

At 8:53 pm, Blogger e said...

Frankly I think it looks better in IE.



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