Sleepwalking my way through life: Jack lives here

Jack lives here

I would like to add something to my list of geekiness;

Jumping up and own for joy when receiving three advanced volumes of your favourite Manga.

My Dad is over from Singapore this weekend, and we’ve spent the time eating, drinking, eating, drinking, watching James Bond, eating, amazing texting (Rawr), and just so much drinking. For the past two nights I have sat in the bar after closing time with Chris and his friends, drinking down some Jack and laughing at pointless stories of who-wants-to-sleep-with-who.

Also also also I am very drunk right now. Very.

I thank Microsoft for keeping me in track with their Godly spellcheck. And I also realise that I can touch type, and the revelation of biblical proportion has left me very amazed and very dizzy, but that could just be Jack working his magic on me. This is quite a discovery. Whoopie.

I have essays due soon. Three essays in two weeks, and I should be doing them. But I’m not. I’m sitting in bed, drunk, and singing (silently I hope) “ooooh, la la laaa”. Nano should also be a priority, but it isn’t. Kiwi has sailed past the 20,000 mark and (while I am immensely happy for her) I am very jealous. I need to sit and write and write and be happy over the amazingness that I spew from my magical fingers. Hell, I don’t have to be happy with it, I just need it written. Plot holes and all.

But despite the essays, the failing Nano, and the raging headache I’ll have tomorrow, I think things are looking up. University is being fun again, and I can tell that work is going to be less stressful. I didn’t mention, but I had my hours cut – so instead of five days a week, I work two. It’s a fucking big pay cut, but it is more than worth it if I can hang out after class and snuggle up in deep leather couches and brilliantly warm coffee.

I have ten days until this month ends. Ten days to fit in three essays, two online projects and 42,000 words. Ten fucking days. Damn. I say it out loud and things seem hopeless. I have a feeling, no, I know that I won’t finish Nano in time. 42,000 words is impossible in ten days. Especially with essays and university and the fact I’m not entirely sure what to do between the beginning and end. No, Nano is a lost cause for me. I humble myself and renounce my claim that I will do it. I can’t. Sorry.


I will continue my novel. I think that the whole point of this exercise was to get a first draft on paper, to get the basic outline out of my head and on solid paper where it stands real and tactile in this world. I have a plot, I have characters, and I know where it’s going. And I will do it in my own time. I will not let it fall to the side as a “I’ll do it next week” thing. I’ll do it. I will.

I think I have become addicted to listening to Modest Mouse and the Eels. It is a wonderful addiction that I do not wish to give up.

Oh dear. I am fairly drunk indeed.
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At 2:46 am, Anonymous Jules said...

I like the Eels.

Nano failing? Oh no!

At 11:14 am, Anonymous youngred said...

I am jack's knowing smile

At 11:34 am, Anonymous Kiwiqueen said...

Hahahaha. That was hilarious.

But you shouldn't look at it so pessimistically. Ten days is a loooong loong time. If you give up sleeping like I suggested, you would have even longer!!! (Saying that, I'm assuming there are now only nine days left, unless you are still drunk at mid-day on a Sunday...

At 10:46 pm, Anonymous Vivian said...

Have faith Joe, and know that as long as you keep occassionally writing in this blog, we will still love you!

Not to break down Kiwi's suggestion, but I think sleeping would do you well.

At 11:38 am, Anonymous Elisabeth Ice Cream said...

ER..... my nano is failing too... I have given it up already... sniff... But I'm still writing it..



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