Sleepwalking my way through life: One foot out the door

One foot out the door

And so it has begun.

The argument has stretched out for over a week now; with each day starting in calm peacefulness and ending in vehement anger. Things would be fine at first, we share a joke over a cooked breakfast, before things become unsettled, someone snaps at someone else, and before anyone realises what’s happening, we’re in a full scale argument. Things have become progressively worse over the past week, until they reached the climax that has brought me to a shuddering halt.

I am moving out of the house.

Or, more accurately, I am getting kicked out of the house. Mum has had enough, and she feels that it is necessary to throw me and my brother out on our rear ends. Soon.

We had been discussing something similar to this for a while though. The original plan was to sell our house and have mum buy two flats in its place (one for her and one for me and Chris). We’d sell the house soon after the New Year and move into the flats for spring. Mum would help us finance and manage our flat, and we’d pay rent to her. This plan has since gone out the window.

She hasn’t given us a date yet, but I assume it will be pretty soon. Websites are already being scoured, and budgets are already being worked out in my head. I may have a slight scowl on my face as I scan page after page, but that is due to the shock of the situation. Inside, however, I am almost elated.

Ever since I considered moving out, this is what I imagined. I wanted to have my own place and live on my own two feet. I want to work to pay the bills, I want to come and go as I please, I want to live my own life. The offer from mum was the closest thing I could get to it; our own place, but with a little help. Freedom with strings attached. The current situation, no matter how sudden, is much more appealing.

Earlier today I sat at the bus stop reading a book. The rain was coming down and people ducked low under umbrellas and bus shelters to stay dry. A bus pulled up in front of me and a few people jumped on, shaking their wet heads as they stepped onto it, and I felt the sudden urge to join them. I had a hankering for adventure, and I wanted to ride that bus to the last stop and get out. I wanted to wander and explore unknown areas and to say that I conquered them.

It seems that I didn’t have to stray far from home to find an adventure.
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At 2:04 pm, Anonymous honoursystem said...

awesome. best of luck mate

At 4:06 pm, Anonymous Jules said...

Well that's good.

At 9:06 am, Anonymous Jennifer said...

Joe trust me living on your own isnt as much fun as it seems.

At 12:03 am, Anonymous Joe said...

Hey, it can't be all bad. Is that you all settled in Stirling now?

- Joe

At 10:37 am, Anonymous Jennifer said...

Well im actually leaving here! Im moving out at the moment. I lasted 2 weeks but i have withdrawn from the uni and a start Glasgow uni on tuesday!

At 11:29 am, Anonymous Joe said...

Ah well, things don't work out for a reason I guess. I hope you have fun in Glasgow instead though.

- Joe


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