Sleepwalking my way through life: Big decisions

Big decisions

The reflection of the light ran along the silver blade, splitting in two near the end to demonstrate its sharpness. She held it aloft, spinning it effortlessly round her nimble finger as she used her other hand to examine my head. Her eyes – an electric blue – darted over my head and she brought down the scissors with a decisive snip. A lock of my fringe floated down before my eyes, drifting away in the breeze before it landed softly on the floor. Before I knew it, hair was falling from the sky and all I could hear was clipping in my ears.

My regular hairdresser was away on holiday, so her protégé was cutting my hair. Although this would normally lead to panic at her ability to cut my hair in the exact way I want it, I was actually quite glad. I wanted something new, something completely different from what I had before. So I sat down, shut my eyes tightly and let her do her work. Luckily my crossed fingers were kept hidden under the cover.

An hour later I walked out of the hairdresser with a quirky little smile. The wind was blowing hard and I felt slightly elated that I no longer had to worry about the state of my hair. I glanced at a reflection of myself in a shop window and had to do a double take. It was so… short.

University begins in just over a week. A whole new life awaits me; new classes, new people, new experiences. I thought I might as well find myself a new identity to go along with it; one with short hair and a leather jacket. And (eventually) his own place. And killer abs.

World; make way for Joe.
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At 8:31 am, Anonymous Bekka said...


(Cough up pictures ASAP)

At 9:26 am, Anonymous Scott said...

wtf lol fot this would be kinda shitty lol, s reali gd though man u cn write, an how is "Hawt" a fukin comment, s shit dnt even tell the guy anyfin lol, anywayz nice, canny wait 2 get 2 laugh at u at work wif ur new hair doo lol :P well am gonna stop sleberin lol catch ya laterzz :D

At 10:55 am, Anonymous Elisabeth said...

I had a problem understanding Scotts comment... Hmmm, it was all "shizzel my fizzel".

Agrees with Bekka, photo ye daftie!^^

At 12:33 pm, Anonymous eddmun said...

As a native English speaker, I am also having trouble understanding what Scott is saying.

It is so liberating having your hair cut. :D

At 3:46 pm, Anonymous scott said...

dude never use the word liberating lol just makes u look like ur tryin 2 seem smart lol see me a dnt need 2 try (mainly because am not) see joe should be the only one using big words because he's the smart one an he's compensating for his little p***s


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