Sleepwalking my way through life: Vist the leaning tower of Coke cans!

Vist the leaning tower of Coke cans!

My room sits in a jumbled mess. Assorted clothes – both clean and incredibly filthy – meshed together in an indiscernible heap with the odd sock poking out. My drawer tops are littered with change, receipts, glasses, books, CDs and DVDs. The drawers themselves are spilling over with fragments of t-shirts and jeans that have yet to be discarded out into the mountainous pile. The floor is barely visible with only a few red patches showing up here and there. The rest is covered in old notebooks and memorabilia; earphones, a mirror, a folder, yet more DVDs, not to mention the numerous plugs that are dangerously upturned. There are also plastic bags that threaten to strangle my adventurous cat strewn across the room. The bin should hold them, but it itself is filled to the brim with cans, wrappers and anything else I have decided to throw out.

I finish off my can of Irn Bru and let out a long belch. I flick my wrist and send it flying towards the bin where it bounces off the rim and disappears in the landfill below.

Welcome, to my humble abode. Please, no need to wipe your shoes. We welcome your mud.

I smile and swing my legs off the edge of the bed – content with my mess – and jump to my feet. My foot, unfortunately, lands on an upturned plug. After a full five minutes of incessant swearing and hopping on the spot holding my foot, I decide to clean my room.

You know. Tomorrow.
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At 1:38 am, Anonymous eddmun said...

I wouldn't mind standing on plugs so much if they actually made some form of lasting mark. Currently, you stand on one and swear for five or ten minutes and then it is done. Immense pain and you have nothing to show for it.

A rip off if you ask me.

At 4:28 am, Anonymous Yian said...

Heh, guess you're more determined than me. I probably would never bother cleaning my room, unless stepping on the plug was enough to cause my foot to break or something.

Though, your room sounds not that much different than mine. Perhaps I should get started cleaning before I accidentally step on a plug.

At 4:38 am, Anonymous Chasen Le Hara said...

I?m not that bad, but this post sounds awfully familiar. I'm currently in the process of cleaning my room; we all should have spring cleaning early (or spring cleaning late...).

At 7:35 am, Anonymous Natalie said...

I'm exactly where you are with this right now. I have wished more than once this week to be Mary Poppins.

At 11:01 am, Anonymous Jules said...

Your floor is red?

At 1:53 pm, Anonymous Joe said...

Hahahaaa, I know. I feel like a pig living in my own private wasteland. It's great but not so great at the same time. I've cleaned most of it up, and found a few lost items in the process...

- Joe


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