Sleepwalking my way through life: Tech Support

Tech Support

“Stupid wireless network.”

I walked back into the room with a frustrated look on my face and fell back into the couch with a grumble. Glen sat on the couch opposite, slowly flicking through a newspaper and staring intently at each page.

“My wireless network isn't stupid,” he said, glancing at me over the pages of his paper. “Why is yours?”

“It's temperamental and decides to cut the connection every once in a while.” I told him, running my hand through my hair; I was preoccupied as it was without having to deal with my connection acting up on me again. I was finding it hard to think of anything to write about. “Oh, and it can’t work Skype.” I added.

“Do you have a router?” He asked, his eyes still scanning the news.

“Yeah. It’s a Wannado one… It was basically supplied by my internet provider.” I explained, seeing Glen’s eyebrow raise.

“Ah.” He turned the page again.

“I know. It’s far from the crème de la crème.”

He folded over his newspaper and handed it to me, the page opened on ‘shopping and sales’. “You can buy a good one for sixty dollars. I did it to replace my old one.”

I picked it up and looked over the page; wireless routers coincidentally were on sale. “I know I can buy better ones for good prices, but I wouldn’t know how to switch my service from my current router to the better one.”

Glen pulled some juggling balls from out of his pocket and began to arrange them in his hands. “You could plug it in?” he said, concentrating on the balls.

“Ha ha.” I replied sarcastically as he began to juggle. I watched him for a few moments as he tossed a ball into the air, catching it in time to throw another one, and another. I was thinking of what he said, and the slow realisation dawned on me… “Wait a second. You might be on to something there Glen.”

“Mhmm.” He replied, his eyes following the flight of his juggling balls.

“There has to be a catch.” I said, looking into space with a look of disbelief. Glen carefully stood up form the couch – while still juggling – and began to walk round the room. “The solution cannot be that easy and I just missed it.”

“It’s all I had to do.” He said, lifting his leg up and passing the balls under it. “Just have to configure it after that.”

“But… But how will the new router know to connect to my provider?”

He looked at me, wide eyed with shock, and dropped one of the balls.

“I know. I need it spelled out to me.” I said, giving up all my claim of being slightly knowledgeable at technology. Glen skilfully scooped the ball up and resumed juggling with it.

“It just… does. That’s why it’s a router.”

I sat back in amazement. “Glen, I think you have just given me something to write about. How completely idiotic I am.”

He smiled and began juggling upside down. That boy has some mad skillz.
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At 4:34 am, Anonymous Glen C. said...

What can I say to that except you're welcome. Nice piece.

At 6:04 am, Anonymous Meredith said...

Wow, I wish I understood what you said to each other. I feel like I'm, comparatively speaking, still at the banging rocks together and blowing on some grass level of internet proficiency.

But any post that involves juggling is okay by me.

At 2:03 am, Anonymous Dan said...

Dear Joseph,

I tend to find myself visiting your blog quite regularly, like to keep up with the happenings and witty world of Mr Timms.


For the last hour I have been sat here with my dear, but excruciatingly boring uncle, listening to him mumble on aobut USB Drvies, memory storage, SatNav and the likes.
I come here, one of my few places of solice online, to escape said uncle, and what do I find? Routers? Connections? JUGGLING BALLS!?

I use every fibre of my being, muster every inch of energy I have to emphasise the following statement:


Dan xx


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