Sleepwalking my way through life: Enough about the bloody rum!

Enough about the bloody rum!

So I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean yesterday. I handed over an extra couple of quid to the box office so we could enjoy the comfort of the luxury premier seats that had just been installed. “You want the full experience Joe” “The film is well worth it”.

The film was… decent.

If you put it by itself, and keep the film totally separate from the first, then it is a good film. It has plenty of action, a decent amount of humour and – of course – Kiera Knightly. But the fact of the matter is; it’s not a totally separate film. It was wholly designed as a sequel. It is basically ‘Hey, here’s EVERYONE from the first film put into a new set of circumstances!’

Honestly, there was a point where I literally sat back in my seat and, with a sigh, thought ‘Who else are they going to bring back form the first film?’ And my question was answered five minutes later when another person from the first film walked on screen.

It was almost as if half of this film was designed to remind the audience of the first film. For example, on of the first jokes being Captain Jack Sparrow in his room mumbling “Why is the Rum always gone?”

But despite all those flaws – and the fact that this film was only a set up for a third sequel – I enjoyed the film. To some extent. Like I said; the action was good, the adventure aspect of it was good, the humour was good (although lacking at times).

Final verdict? Four thumbs out of ten.
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At 1:13 pm, Anonymous Robert Day said...

Four thumbs out of ten?

I thought you said the film was good! :)

At 5:08 pm, Anonymous Jules said...

^^^ What he said.

At 10:45 pm, Anonymous Joe said...

Oh, I am a very harsh critic when it comes to films; with specific criteria to fill. So four is pretty good in my books.


At 2:03 am, Anonymous Nao said...

I also saw Pirates last night and I thought the movie was pretty funny, although I agree about the over-use of references to the first movie.

I hated how there was no closure at the end, just like the season finale of a TV show. I just hate that.

At 1:03 am, Anonymous Meredith said...

Four still seems like a rather harsh assessment, though perhaps on par with the lukewarm feeling I got from the entry. Perhaps I will just bask in the glory of Johnny Depp if I find the movie mediocre.


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