Sleepwalking my way through life: Bus stop adventures

Bus stop adventures

A long, white bus came in; replacing the double-decker that had stood there three minutes previous. It was tucked in cosily in the bus stop nook, but the other busses still had to slow to a crawl to manoeuvre by. They blasted their horns and wheezed out their fumes as they filed in and out of the busy bus station. The bus station was filled with bustling people as they tried to surge into busses as passengers flooded out; desperately trying to grab a seat by the window, a seat by themselves or – more common than not – a seat at all. So many people making their way from A to B.

I looked at the bus timetable before looking at my watch, then looking at the bus timetable again. I had a twenty minute wait ahead of me, so I sat down on one of the stainless steel chairs, flipped open A Hero of Our Time, and began reading. But I was not even three pages into the story when I was disturbed and my concentration was shaken.

There were four of them, two boys and two girls, and they were leaning against the glass of the bus shelter a little way down form me. They were all dressed in florescent track suits with the boys having freshly shaved heads while the girls sported tightly pulled pony-tails and make-up that took the style of a layer cake. They were all laughing – a startling, hyena laugh – when they caught my attention, but their laughter was interrupted when one of the girls answered her mobile phone; a shiny, pink trinket that blasted out a wonderful polyphonic rave tune.

“Heya!” she answered, making sure that everyone in a fifty foot radius could see her sparkling pink phone. Her face turned into an ugly grimace. “Am at the bus stop!” she said, and there was a pause where she tapped her foot impatiently. “Aye. Aye a wull!” she said, and snapped the phone shut violently. Her friends turned to her and looked at her pointed frown and pursed lips, “It was ma Da, hawf drunk as usual. ‘Where wis ye?’” She mimicked, rolling her eyes and sticking out her tongue.

“Hey! Whit you lookin at?”

Oh shit, they spotted me looking at them. I quickly looked back to my book and tried to focus on the story, hoping the little traffic cone wouldn’t pursue my curiosity any further. My hopes were squashed when I heard the shuffling of feet and I was blinded by the fluorescent orange clothing. I shook my head to move the hair out of my eyes and looked up at him; his beady eyes glaring down at me.

“Can I help you?” I asked. I could feel the eyes of his friends eyeing me and him up and down.

“What you reading?”

“A fucking newspaper, what does it look like?”

When I think back on it, I could have picked something better to say. But at the time, I took pleasure in watching his face turn as coloured as his jacket. His friends immediately flanked him, standing as tall as they could to try and menace me as I sat in my humble seat.

“You making fun of me?” he asked, making more of a demand than a question. He folded his arms and tried to intensify his glare by narrowing his eyes. He looked like he was having trouble with his vision. “You shouldn’t make fun of me.”

I spotted my bus pulling into the station and put my book back into my bag with a smile on my face. “Yeah, I am making fun of you.” I said as I stood up. They all took a step back from me and craned their necks up to look at me. “And I would love to get further into this,” I continued, swinging my bag over my shoulder and looking at each of them in turn, “But I am afraid that I have to get this bus. Another time?” Silence. “No? Fair enough.”

They stepped back and made way for me to climb onto the bus, their heads still pointed vertically in an effort to look at me. I sat down at a window seat and pulled out my book. Before I began reading again I looked out the window and saw them, making faces at me and giving me the finger before laughing that hyena laugh of theirs.

Yes, laugh now. Laugh while there is three inches of glass between us. Laugh while you can.

Meanwhile, I’ll just grow a tad taller shall I?
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At 10:57 am, Anonymous GARY said...




At 1:20 pm, Anonymous Jules said...

I think the imagery of the florescent track suits would be the most disturbing part of that entry.

At 5:06 pm, Anonymous eddmun said...

I like it when chavs start something they can't quite finish. But I agree with the feeling of not saying something *quite* witty enough, or thinking something better to say later on...

"Rinsed". I like that word as well.

At 2:08 am, Anonymous ? said...

That didn't happen.

At 8:51 pm, Anonymous Joe said...

Did too.


At 2:35 pm, Anonymous ? said...

There is absolutley no way that you would ever have the balls to do something like that. Quit living in a fanasty world!!!

At 2:51 pm, Anonymous Joe said...

I actually forgot to mention this in my post, but they were no more than ten years old. I think I'd at least have the balls to stand up to them.


At 3:41 pm, Anonymous ? said...

How convinient for you!

At 11:33 pm, Anonymous Joe said...

Yes, it was actually.



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