Sleepwalking my way through life: Between two bloggers

Between two bloggers


“If you ask me, your entries have become substantially more… introspective.”

I laughed, “If by ‘introspective’ you mean ‘less frequent’ then I whole heartedly agree with you.”

“That too.” She laughed, taking another gulp of water to cool down. I was relatively cool as I laid back on the couch, but the heat was almost unbearable for her. It was the first time Jules and I had had a chance to talk in a good while, and our conversation was almost hitting the two hour mark with all the catch up. “You know – Mr Joe – I was reading your blog, the old ones that is…”

“Uh oh,” I said, “This can’t be good.”

“No no, it’s quite good,” she continued, smiling, “and I must say, your use of exclamation marks have gone down dramatically.”

“That’s because I used up my lifetime allowance of them with my first posts.” I mused, thinking back on my older entries where I found many things worthy of exclamation. “But what are you doing reading back so far? My back logs should be cordoned off for psychotic research they were that disturbed. And besides, most of my old posts are painfully boring in a humiliating way; they should be avoided like the plague.”

“I have to disagree,” she said, sitting up. “Some of your greatest entries are back in your younger days.”

“Really?” I asked, and since I was in the mood for an ego boost, “Which ones?”

She smiled, “Well, there’s the one where you go in depth into time travel, I found that entertaining. Um…” she paused, trying to think of another one, “Your MSN conversations are always hilarious, so that’s a good choice. Ah, but then there’s the one that you deleted a while back; that one was really good. But I can’t choose one.”

I smiled to myself, closing my eyes almost smugly. “You know, I have a favourite post of yours.”

“Really? What one? The Scottish one?”

I laughed, “No, it’s the one where you’re going to the cinema with your mum and she ends up having no money. I laugh every time when you bring money out of your shoe.”

We both laughed at the thought of it and fell silent. Jules took another gulp from her glass of water and looked over at me, “You know, even though I think some of you older posts are better, you have definitely improved.”

“Thanks.” I said, and fell asleep.
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At 1:24 pm, Anonymous Jules said...

I am a star, OH YES I AM!



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