Sleepwalking my way through life: The horror...

The horror...

List of my most embarrassing moments:

Asking a fellow primary seven what ‘puberty’ was.

Writing a love song in first year.

Tripping and falling while smiling at a cute girl in second year.

Tripping and falling into someone’s food while smiling at same girl.

My first date with my first girlfriend.

My first kiss with my first girlfriend.

My last date with my first girlfriend.

My whole experience with my first girlfriend.

The day where we shouted “actual factual” randomly in Glasgow.

Playing DDR at one of the Halo events.

The day my mum met Marie and showed her my baby photos.

Meeting Marie’s friends at the Placebo concert.

Most recent:
Playing air guitar to The Shins for a full minute before noticing the window cleaner at the window.

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At 5:59 pm, Anonymous Marie said...

Lol, and the album had those 'baby in the bath' photos that parents like to take. Hee hee, u were all nakedy!

At 10:41 pm, Anonymous Kiwiqueen said...

Hmmm. Quite an impressive list of embarrassment. However, I can assuredly say I have had worse (if not quite so many). *cringes*

At 1:15 am, Anonymous Dan said...

Id cry for you, I'd cry for, I'd die for you, I'd die for you......

Good times :P
Dan x

At 1:17 am, Anonymous Joe said...


You evil evil EVIL BASTARD!


At 1:35 pm, Anonymous me said...

Yeah that song was great. But you made a huge mistake in it as you spoke about her golden hair when its clearly brown lol!!

At 9:03 pm, Anonymous eddmun said...

I sympathise with you with that last one.


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