Sleepwalking my way through life: Stating the obvious

Stating the obvious

My last exam is tomorrow. My final exam of the school year and the last time I ever have to set foot in that school for the purpose of learning.

Aaaaaaaaaand I’m crapping myself.
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At 2:12 pm, Anonymous Elyse said...

Is the obvious that you're final exam is tomorrrow...

...or that you're crapping yourself?

Regardless, good luck and I'm sure things will go well.

At 2:43 pm, Anonymous Elisabeth Ice Cream said...

Crappin? *feels suddenly very Norwegian*

At 5:54 pm, Anonymous Joe said...

Elyse - It's because I didn't use any fancy writing or imagery or anything. I think... And thanks, I hope I'll do fine.

ElisabthIC - Crapping is the equivalent of shitting, or poo-ing if you will.


At 6:28 pm, Anonymous Marie said...

He'll do fine, I know he will. He's great at essays and he knows this stuff inside out...I have lots and lots and lots of faith. Just take deep breaths and show them what u know.

At 9:58 pm, Anonymous Shazzle said...

Good luck!!!

At 10:22 am, Anonymous Elisabeth Ice Cream said...

You will do good I know you will! *tooooot*

At 10:59 am, Anonymous Kiwiqueen said...

Yeah!! I would say something more than "yeah!!", but I think everything else has been said. Oh, when I had my critical thinking exam, someone told me to take my shoes off and breathe if I get stressed...

Always helps!

At 6:11 pm, Anonymous x said...

whoops >.< too late to wish ya good luck.. well we're all glad its over (:

At 10:03 am, Anonymous Joe said...

Danke for al you luck wishing people. It made my day when I read them.

Thanks again.



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