Sleepwalking my way through life: Anticipation


Written yesterday, posted today. I seem to be doing that a lot these days…

It’s a nice day, the sun beating down on us to the extent that we had to buy ice cream to cool us down.

It seems that summer is almost upon us, with its promise of lazy days out in the sun followed by lazy days in with sunburn. There’ll be kids playing in the streets, shops bustling with people, and – of course – the sweet silence emanating from the schools.

And then, right in the middle of a bite into my Mars Ice Cream, it hits me. Tomorrow is my last day of school. My last day of school ever. After this Wednesday I’ll only have to come back three times, maybe once or twice more to get help with Drama, but other than that I’m home free.

My teaching has ended for now. I will no longer be in high school, I’ll have to change my Blogger profile from “High School Student” to “Useless Hobo” as I fritter away my summer in front of the Lapdancer, typing away. I’ll have nothing to do but blog or sit and wait with baited breath, guarding the letter box like a hawk.

But I am getting ahead of myself here; I still have to sit my exams before I even begin to worry about the results. The first of which is this Friday, where Advanced English promises me a nervous breakdown at the amount of quotes and analysis I have to remember. And the best part? I haven’t even begun to think about studying yet. I know I’ll regret this during the exam when I send myself into a coma while banging my head against the table to remind myself of my own stupidity, but I just can’t do it. I tried sitting down last Sunday to write an essay for the next day but you need to be in the right frame of mind to do schoolwork, and I have trouble being in the right frame of mind normally.

But I digress. Tomorrow is my last day of little school. I’ve outgrown my little pond and will soon be placed (with any luck) in a much larger one where I will have to work for dominance and, to put it plain and simple, I couldn’t be more excited. I can’t wait until I take that deep first breath as a university student, individual in a clichéd way. It’s going to be great.

This school year has undoubtedly been the best school year of my life, and I cannot wait until it ends. Yes, this year has been amazing, but I want to get it behind me. I want to be able to look back on this year and smile on the memory of friends, lovers and chocolate doughnuts.


And on a more personal note, I’d like to humbly announce that I am now a part of the legendary Random Shapes network. This is a network made up solely of teen bloggers who are fantastic writers, and I am extremely happy to be counted as one of them. I feel like… I don’t know. I feel like an unknown band that’s just been signed with a fantastic record label.
Thanks for taking me in guys.
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At 4:58 pm, Anonymous Meredith said...

Word. Welcome to Random Shapes!

I think I may go to the only school in the world that expects seniors to work during May and into June. Or at least, show up to class every day. Our teacher even talked to us during math class about how high school wasn't over, even though the APs were, and we better keep doing the homework. Curse you, high school, the weather's much too nice and I'm much too susceptible to it to be expected to work!

Are you going to uni in the UK?

At 7:04 pm, Anonymous Elisabeth Ice Cream said...

Oh, I've always wanted to become a membe of RS!! Well well=) .... Congrats Joe! *tuuut*

At 10:09 pm, Anonymous Kiwiqueen said...

Wow! Well done. I am very very jealous, and eating my hat this minute. It has flowers on it. Sunflowers. They are almostly entirely gone (chomped at).

How did that happen? Do you email? Is it like becoming a model, when someone miraculously spots you and signs you up? (Not that I have experience of being spotted and/or modelling :-D) Let me know. I am curious. And we all know curiousity killed the cat.

Then again, I'm not a cat.

At 11:22 pm, Anonymous Laura said...

I've been telling you you're a fantastic writer for ages!

But of course you don't believe me until you get accepted into some Random Shapes thing...

Congrats :)


At 11:23 pm, Anonymous Laura said...

BTW you mispelled your title. Sorry.



At 9:39 am, Anonymous Joe said...

Meredith - Many thanks for the welcoming. Everyone on the network is so... nice. God I sound sad.

Yeah, even though we've technically left school, all the teachers are harking on about coming in and doing this and doing that and making sure we study. It's funny to see them all worked up though...

And yeah, I'll hopefully be going to Glasgow University if I keep my fingers crossed for long enough. Nothing too far away from home for me.

Elizabeth - Danke muchly. But the congrats goes to you on finishing your novel (I would comment on your actual site, but I'm lazy).

Kiwi - Why? Why why why why would you ruin such an amazing sounding hat? I suppose it could taste nice, what with all its amazingness and all.

You have to send them an email of why you want to join. It took me about half an hour to come up with the right things to say to trick - I mean, CONVINCE them that I was a good blogger. You should give it a try.

Laura - Darn you and your dictionary-smarts. Tis all corrected now though. And of course I believed you when you said those nice things! It's just that now believe you... more.



At 11:37 am, Anonymous Elisabet Ice Cream said...

I sendt RS a mail and pleaded them to let me become a member. How long did it take for you to become a member and what did you write? *breath in, breath out. Starts eating a cookie*

At 11:41 am, Anonymous Joe said...

The replied to me within a few days, telling me that they had reviewed my blog and thought it was acceptable for RS. They gave me a few terms and conditions to follow, and after I accepted they welcomed me in.

And about what I wrote... I don't think I'm going to write it here. It was sort of personal and I'd rather not repeat it, yet.

Good luck to you.


At 1:03 pm, Anonymous Elisabeth Ice Cream said...

I hope they want me... I'm not sure if I wrote a good or bad letter to them. Thanks for the reply.

- Elisabeth

At 6:15 pm, Anonymous Kiwiqueen said...

You're right, it was an amazing hat. And it didn't even taste so nice, despite its niceness. I asked myself "why why why why why why...etc" afterwards too.

Over here it is Mr Blue Sky weather ("again?!?!" I hear you exclaim. Yes, again.)

More sun madness, in the ample shape and form of overweight men walking around town half naked. How unnecessary. And how embarrassing.

Anyhow, I have sent them an email. It took me a rambling 15 minutes to write. I'll let you know what happens, although I do doubt anything will. The only reason that might be a shame is all those hits I'm missing out on; at the moment about 3 people visit my blog regularly :-D

At 7:23 pm, Anonymous Elisabeth Ice Cream said...

I got in!!!!!! And it only took 6 hours for the answer!!

Kiwiqueen: I read your blog everyday (even when there is no new post).

At 7:25 pm, Anonymous Joe said...

I thought so when i saw your name on the forum.

Congrats EIC!


At 7:29 pm, Anonymous Elisabeth Ice Cream said...

But I haven't been activated yet though...

At 7:31 pm, Anonymous Joe said...

Not yet, but you're listed as the newest member of the forum, meaning he's considoring it (and if you got shown the link to the forum, then you're in the group).



At 7:33 pm, Anonymous Elisabeth Ice Cream said...

I did! I did! I did?? *woooooot* Very happy! Oh, Joe, when I get activated, can you help me with linking up the RS image? I have no idea how or where to get it...

At 7:41 pm, Anonymous Joe said...

There's a section dealing with it in the forum (When you get into it properly that is) and it'll give you a few images to choose from. Then you just attach it to an image link and put it on your website. You can give me a holler to help if you need it though.


At 7:47 pm, Anonymous Elisabeth Ice Cream said...

Thank you very much. Very grateful. *waffles?*

Ps. Good post. ^-^


At 11:15 pm, Anonymous Elyse said...

Good gravy. I looked at this yesterday before I went to get trained for the crappiest job around my town and concluded to myself that it looked intriguing and that I intended to read it upon my return home. Little did I know that a magnificent movie "Goodbye Lenin" was awaiting me. Highly recommend it. THEN, I fell asleep because this is what I do. Nap. I'm really 8 years old, I tricked RS too.

Anyway, I am FINALLY here and welcoming you (because this is my unofficial-official job) to Random Shapes. Huzzah to you, sir.

Sorry about that. Unfortunately, I do huzzah and say sir a lot. It was in no way a response to your UK-ness.

Sorry. That was weird.

And sorry for saying sorry four times now.




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