Sleepwalking my way through life: Long overdue

Long overdue

Time to fill in some gaps… I haven’t updated in a while, and I have almost two weeks to account for.

Prom night was amazing. I walked to Laura's house and changed into my kilt and met Emma and John in the living room, both of them dressed to the occasion. Soon enough Laura came downstairs and the ritual of parental pictures happened. In all honesty, we did look pretty amazing. The limo pulled up and everyone filed out, glamorous dresses and smart kilts lined up for one big picture.

The limo itself was gorgeous. A long seat that seats ten people sat opposite a bar filled with sparkling glasses and... well, pretty things. We talked and laughed and complemented each other on our outfits before all having a glass of champagne and toasting to a night that we hoped not to forget.

The hotel was so nice. The whole year gathered outside for a photograph before we shuffled into the dining hall, a huge room with tables dotted around a small wooden dance floor. After all three courses of food were polished off the band came on and within ten minutes everyone was moving and having fun. There were times when I would occasionally wander away from the main festivities and join the small group of people in the foyer. I’d sit on the couch with CJ and watch the world pass by. Greeting friends, complementing their attire, plastering our faces with big plastic smiles.

Yeah, it was fun.


The day after was terrible. Sixth years aren’t expected to come into school on the day after prom seeing as they would be too drunk or hungover from the previous night’s antics, I only saw three other sixth years in the Crush that morning. I had to come in to finish my Graphics Thematic Presentation that was due for that very same day. Over six hours, non-stop, was spent finishing off my folio. I drew five drawings, perfected seven computer images in AutoCAD and rendered two pictures on the pc. Six hours, non-fucking-stop.

I didn’t finish though. Although all the main areas were finished I still had to draw and print out the leaflet that advertises my object. I had asked another teacher earlier and he had told me that I could hand that in after the holidays, as long as I had everything else ready to be marked. So I packed my stuff up and went over to Mr Mulvey Jnr, the technical teacher who was supervising the many students finishing off their folio. I gave my stuff to him and explained my situation, that I had everything BUT the leaflet.

“I can’t accept this.” He said, holding my neat, trim folder by the corner.

“I know it’s not finished, but you said as long I has the bare minimum then it’s fine.” I spluttered in reply.

“I did, but I still can’t accept this. Only your teacher can accept it.” It was starting to bug me how he was holding it between his thumb and finger, like a shit-heavy dog-bag.

“Where’s he then?” Impatience ringing clear in my tone.

“I suppose he’s away home by now.” You have got to be kidding me. “It’s well after school hours, so he’ll be home.”

You have got to be fucking kidding me.

“Thanks for all your help sir,” I said in a shaky, but genuine, voice “I’ll be going now.”

And I walked out of the building with the very powerful urge to sink to my knees and become overwhelmed with everything that was happening. Yet at the same time I wanted to stand tall, just to prove that bastard Mulvey wrong. I don’t know what he was wrong about, but I knew that standing tall would prove him wrong.

To be honest, I think that that was the first day that I first felt real stress. I hate it.


The day after that was the Less Than Jake concert. The band was very good, and I had a fun time for the most part. But I don’t think that the band was the highlight of that evening. I learned a lot about myself that night, things that have given me a small slice of clarity.

And I’ll leave you with that.


Let us skip ahead, shall we? The next couple of days were spent lurking around the house watching TV and basically vegetating. Nothing interesting happened until the following Thursday…

The Placebo concert. I spent the entire day with Marie, hanging about in her house and experiencing one aborted attempt to roller-skate round the park before we headed into Glasgow two hours before the concert started. She really liked Placebo and had been waiting to go to this show for over a month, squealing with excitement when it was mentioned, so we came in early to guarantee a spot at the barrier. Unfortunately there was already a queue when we got there.

So we waited for two hours in the freezing cold for the doors to open. Some of Marie’s old friends from school saw us and decided to sneakily slide into the queue behind us, so we had some company for most of the time. Hell, I got a Placebo condom out of it.

The concert was pretty amazing I’ll have to admit. We were right at the front, and it was a great experience. I got a few good videos and a ton of good photos. I had a lot of fun too, for once. After it finished we bought t-shirts and posters from the guys outside, at good prices too.

It was a lot of fun.


It’s the Saturday after now, the most recent Saturday. I jump on a train with Maddy and Jeff on a nice trip to Helensburgh where Steven is having a party. After an hour’s worth of train rides we get a lift from the train station to Steven’s house, which takes another forty-five minutes as we drove over mountains and round coasts.

I enjoyed myself mostly. I spent the night at Steven’s while people around me got more and more drunk and couples went off and coupled. I slept on the armchair and thought about everything that’s going on in my life. It was uncomfortable in more ways than one.

At least I finally got to see Battle Royal.


There we go, a crap update for the past couple of days. Hopefully I’ll be able to get more posts done more often. I know with my new job and study hours it’s going to be hard, but now that I’ve started using Word to type things up I can do it from anywhere. So I expect a few sleepless nights from now on.

I didn’t like not-blogging. It means I have to keep more things stored up inside, and if I can’t vent anything I end up being a jerk to people. Well, more of a titwank than a jerk, but it doesn’t matter now. The damage has been done.

Being cryptic again are we? Let’s try not to slip back into that.

Tricky Joe…
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