Sleepwalking my way through life: It's wait and see all round

It's wait and see all round

Time for some truth telling. No more dodging about with cryptic messages and imagery (No matter how kick ass it was), time for some hard facts.

On Friday I was absolutely convinced that I would dump Marie. I know that we’re not technically going out, but I wanted to stop seeing her. I had been thinking about all the things that have happened between us over the past few weeks, and I realised that it wouldn't work out. We weren't meant for each other and it was time to accept that and move on. I was going to see her the next day (Yesterday) in Glasgow and I would have told her then, plain and simple. Giving her my reasons and ending it once and for all. I wanted to move on.

Yeah, fat chance of that happening.

I was so certain that I would leave her, I was even thinking of telling her that night on the phone and giving her stuff back the next day. But I didn’t. We got into a conversation about caravan sites and the difference between Milport and Dumfries, how one is good for kids, and the other isn’t. And, I don’t know, something changed. I was expecting a phone call that lead to another argument or insult trade off, but it wasn’t. It was nice.

The next day I was meeting her at one to walk around Glasgow and find a new phone for myself. I had to wait an hour in the blazing sun for the delayed train to arrive at the station, meaning I was a full forty-five minutes late in meeting Marie. I expected a bollocking when I saw her, but I didn’t get one.

We walked around Glasgow for a bit before buying ice cream and settling down in George Square, relaxing in the sun. We spent hours there, sitting – even lying – in the sun just talking. It was really nice.

Marie confessed to me that she was going to leave me today too. That she had been building up a rant in her head about me being late and breaking up with me. But she didn’t.

When I came off the train I headed over to our usual meeting place, but Marie had already walked over to the platform to meet me there. The fact that she had done this (even though it was originally to shout at me) made me smile. She didn’t shout at me because I smiled at her.

Things are still strange. We’re still together, yet not.

But I’m happy now.


On a more international note, news of the Nintendo Revolution being renamed to Nintendo Wii (pronounced ‘we’) has really taken the world by surprise. In my opinion, the name does not reflect well so far, reinforcing the idea that Nintendo is a kids company. But it was a fantastically good move of Nintendo.
By making the name so strange – even controversial? – they have generated a frenzy of free press. Thousands of websites and weblogs commented on the name change, making Nintendo the talk of the water cooler. This name change gives plenty of time for the gaming community to take the piss (Ha!) out of it in good time before E3 meaning that people will focus on the games and not the name of the system. A lesson Nintendo learned after revealing Wind Waker at E3 where people talked more about the Cel Shading than the gameplay.
All in all, a very good decision by Nintendo. My respect for them grows, as will my fondness for the name.

Only a couple of months until the new Zelda comes out too.
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At 2:33 pm, Anonymous Kiwiqueen said...

Clear blue sky?? Blazing sun???!

*is extremely jealous*

Here the sky is grey. The sun, if it were out, would probably be grey too. Everything is always grey in Stoke.

By the way, honoured that you've linked me up! :-D Is my link now a sexy one? Wow!

At 4:09 pm, Anonymous Joe said...




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