Sleepwalking my way through life: Sweet Nothings

Sweet Nothings

"No man is an island."
-John Donne

"I feel like I've sold out."

Marie looks up at me; her eyebrows squinted in a quizzical fashion. We're walking up Buchannen Street towards the restaurant for dinner, the street shining with a faint wetness and the wind bringing a slight chill. There are couples, like us, walking up and down the street, talking with hushed tones in the cold air of the night, I look down to Marie and explain.

"I used to hate Valentines Day. It was just another day that card-companies slapped an occasion on to make money out of lovy-duvy couples. And it was another excuse for me to either feel miserable or awkward. But it's different this time round, I feel like I've sold my beliefs to be part of the lovy-duvy group, making other people jealous."

She smiled, her eyes gleaming with the artificial starlight above us, I love that smile.

The morning had passed quite well. I rose from the death of sleep on time and managed to scuttle out of the door only a few minutes late with my bag over my shoulder. I was planning on taking the twenty past one train into Glasgow, and since I left the house at quarter to twelve I gave myself plenty of time to head to the Town Centre and buy a card, and to browse about until my train arrived.

The card was a simple decision, a beige card with two swans creating a love heart, and I headed to the large queue that was populated with men scratching their heeads and counting their change. The guy in front of me, slightly older than me, grabbed a single red rose from a stack by the counter and holstered it under is arm.

"Forgot to get a gift?" I said laughingly over his shoulder.

He turned round to face me, a weak smile on his stubble-filled face. "Yeah, I was going to do it yesterday, but something came up. I think she'll like it." He looked me over, my shoulder bag on one side and my card on the other. "You forgotten a present too?"

I laughed and opened my bag to show him the present hidden inside. He looked at me with a questionable look.

"Really? I suppose it is cute."

"She'll love it, I know she will."

He paid for his card and walked off, checking his watch for the fifth time to reassure himself of the time. I paid the cashier and headed down to the train station where I sat for twenty minutes trying to figure out what to write in the card. The train arrived and I spent the entire journey scrawling my thoughts onto the small piece of cardboard while an eldery woman continually nudged me and distracted my thoughts with the pungent mix of perfume and stale sweat.

Glasgow was fun. I was early so I spent my time walking up and down streets looking at couples hand-in-hand with flowers and teddys while groups of people eyed them with malicious envy. I even went into Forbidden Planet for the first time in months to check out the latest Manga and keep my fellow geeks company. Soon enough I met up with Marie, and we hopped onto the bus to head back to her house.

We exchanged the traditional Valentines Day gifts, and I can say in all honesty right now, I have never recieved better gifts.

First off were my trousers, sexy blue jeans that we picked out together and I wore later that night; then came a little pack of chocolates that were so nice and came with a mini cuddly teddy (Toatsie is his name) that is now perched on my bed-side table; and finally my personal Scrap-book. A small book filled with words and pictures written by Marie and dedicated to me. I've read that book several times now, and it reassures my belief that those were the best sets of gifts ever.

My gifts paled in comparison. A large Heffelump teddy (Now named Jumbo) wearing my Taking Back Sunday t-shirt (Which she always liked), a ticket to go see Less Than Jake, and a drawing of Super Joe, my Marie-created alter-ego.

She loved them, hugging the Heffelump tightly and gazing at the Super Joe picture while sticking it to her wall. After a quick talk around coffee, tea and kit-kats she had a quick shower and got changed into her fancy dress while I changed into my dark-blue jeans of sex before her Mum gave us a lift down to the train station.

We arrived in Glasgow about half an hour early, at a loss of anything to do seeing as it was too late to go into anywhere. We walked the streets, the night quiet with the occasional shout or passing car and went into Starbucks before coming out again with a Hot Chocolate to fend off the cold.

When the time came we entered TGI Fridays and sat in the waiting area before being seated, basking in the comfortable heat while looking at people come and go in and out of the shivering air. We sat at our table and ordered much more than we could eat, feeling ready to explode by the time desert came. Our conversation slow and heavy with the grease of many chips.

It was colder as we left the restaurant, and I fiddled with my bag in order to get my jacket on, but was cornered in mid-maneuver by a homeless person holding a paper cup.

"Spare change sir?"

I smiled and rummaged through my pockets for my wallet, my bag hooked over my arm, and I fished out all my silvers and coppers to give the man. They made a thunk in his empty cup and he smiled his toothy grin.

"Thank you sir." He said, nodding his head.

"Sorry I don't have more." I said, searching my pockets for more change.

"Don't worry, this is great. Wrap up though, it's a cold night." And he was off, looking for someone else to beg to.

"It is cold," said Marie, rubbing her arms. I took my jacket from my arm and draped it around her shoulders so she was encompassed in its heavy warmth. She smiled and kissed my cheek.

"Incredibly corny, but I like it."

I walked her to the bus stop where we huddled under her umbrella in an attempt to stay dry under the ensuing downpour. Her bus came and with a quick kiss she left, and I walked to the train station to settle on the train and read my book with Placebo in my ears.

I may have sold out, but I'll be damned if I didn't love it.

Happy Valentines day.
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Awwwwwwww *huggles* i loves my heffalump she rules.


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