Sleepwalking my way through life: I'll order my iron lung in advance

I'll order my iron lung in advance

Sleepiness prevents good typing

I don't even think I'm sleepy, I'm just feeling very lethargic at the moment. My body is warm, my hands are cold and my head is thick and heavy. I have my dissertation notes in front of me with Northern Lights to the left and an analysis book to my right. I had hoped to get some work done, but I guess that a hundred words are better than nothing.

Letters came in from Glasgow University on Monday. I sat on the floor of my hall and read it along with my letters from UCAS. My eyes were not deceiving me, they did say that I needed two A's. This causes a slight problem. I need two A's at Higher grade to get into university, that means two A's from the two subjects that I chose this year at Higher level, Graphics and Drama.

And now you see why I am not going to University.

I am crashing Graphics and Drama, meaning that I have to fit three years of study into one year per subject. Unless, of course, I pass Advanced English where my grade is automatically upgraded to an A at Higher level. Either way, I have a shitload of work to do, not to mention studying my ass off. I am going to have to bust a lung to get into University.

And I've already started.

In less that a week the first draft of my dissertation is due. I've put everything else on hold as I finish this off, then I have two moths to redraft before sending it off. If I make this first hurdle, then I make it.

Graphics is going well. I've started the second unit, only a few periods behind everyone else in the class, and I'm not too bad in my Thematic Presentation. Mr Mulvey and Rooney have offered their services whenever they are available, so all I need to do is ask and look over some past papers.

Drama is a problem. There's always a problem when the teacher is a fuckwit. He stands there, giving us notes while not explaining what to they are for before leaving us to do a directorial commentary. And there's an off chance that he won't be bothered to teach us so he sits on his ass on the internet while we practice out our lines for the performance section of the exam. So I'm going to have to really focus on this one.

So far I'm spending three or four hours studying when I get home from school. Add that up with dinner and calling Marie and you'll see why I haven't been on the internet recently. Today was a one-off, a quick explanation of everything that's going on before I slink away to the nonternet and fill my brain with knowledge.

It feels kinda nice to have a plan, one that I HAVE to stick to, otherwise I result in total failure and endless disappointment.

But when I set foot in that University in September I will breathe a well earned sigh of relief knowing that I've made it.
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At 5:52 pm, Anonymous Marie said...

"But when I set foot in that University in September I will breathe a well earned sigh of relief"
and then choke on it when u realise u ahev an essay due in two months thats worth 40% of ur grade for the term...or like me dont bother realising till the day the essay is due...hmmm.

You'll get there and i'm proud of u, and i'll sarcafice 15mins of my hour on the fone if it means u can blog...ina strange way i think its a healthy outlet.


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