Sleepwalking my way through life: Shouting match of the clueless

Shouting match of the clueless

Another morning in.

First and second period are free, so I'm neglecting the free bus ride so I can hang about on the net for a bit. I'm going to swing by the health centre later and pick up my results, I'm sure everything will be fine.

Yeah, things'll be just fine. I know it.

Three conditionals from Glasgow University. It's not what I was hoping for, but it will have to do. When I heard everybody going on and on about their unconditional acceptances to here and there, I couldn't help but feel a twinge of hope rising in my chest. I even knew a few people who had gotten similar marks (Maybe one or two above me) and had achieved in getting into Glasgow Uni's English Literature course.

Yet I didn't.

"Looks like I'm staying in school." I said to Marie as she walked into the room. She was a great help when it came to University dealings, telling me about everything that happens and how things work, and she helped me again. It wasn't the end of the world, I knew that, but it was still nice to hear it.

I told my mum last night, she asked me what I needed to get for Uni, and the shouting ensued. Mum telling me what to do and Chris telling me that it's not possible while I stood in the middle and tried to defend my own knowledge of the subject. No one knew what they were talking about, Mum had applied a million years ago, Chris didn't have as much entry requirements and I had little to no help from the school. So I went to bed, gripping my glass of water so hard that I thought it would break.

An hour later and I was calm again. The thoughts of an angel muffled my fears and I was soon asleep. I need to ask questions today.

I'm trying to mend some bridges between a few people, and even start using some again, but I know that in the process I'm going to have to burn a few. And I know exactly which ones.

But where did I put my matches?

-End rambling nonsense-
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At 1:11 pm, Anonymous Marie said...

I love You

At 4:52 pm, Anonymous Joe said...

i dont love you

At 12:04 am, Anonymous Dan said...


At 12:35 pm, Anonymous Joe said...

Hey Jen, go to hell.


At 6:29 pm, Anonymous Jennifer said...

Excuse me!! Wasnt me!! How can i post under your name??

At 9:04 pm, Anonymous ? said...

Jennifer ur a spazz!

At 9:08 pm, Anonymous ? said...

You simply post under Joe's name by typing "Joe" in the name box!

At 9:11 pm, Anonymous ? said...

You simply post under Joe's name by typing "Joe" in the name box!

At 9:11 pm, Anonymous ?? said...

You simply post under Joe's name by typing "Joe" in the name box!

At 12:06 pm, Anonymous ? said...

eh im the spaz!

At 9:33 am, Anonymous Joe said...

I love the fact that intelligent, sophisticated people come on this site.


At 2:38 pm, Anonymous ? said...

So you should


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