Sleepwalking my way through life: Procrastination rocks

Procrastination rocks

My Stevenson essay is in another tab right now, but I have already resigned to failure on that account.

J-pop anime music is screaming from my speakers, probably the reason why I'm not concentrating right now, and I've just been thinking about my time away and all the different adventures I had. Too many, in fact, to write here.

Fear not, I'm still going to write it down, I just don't want it to disrupt the normal... flow of my usual posts. I'll work on it as a side project. Don't worry, you'll learn of my foreign shenanigans eventually.

Did I mention that my drama teacher wants to talk to me about my attendance? When a teacher who barely knows your name notices that you're gone you know you're in trouble. Add the fact that I haven't done the dissertation segment that was due for the sixteenth of December and you'll see that I'm really messing up on my school work.

Soon I shall implement plans to stop these things and get up to date, as well as resupply my bank account which has gone from two thousand to seven hundred pounds in six months.

When I came back from Singapore I found my room in a spotless state, as in it had never been more clean. My mum had done me the good deed of organising everything that was in my room, cleaning it out and tidying it up so that everything had it's own place. If you think that this was nice of my mum then you are seriously mistaken. Yes she did tidy my room, bringing chaos to order, but it was only a small sacrifice to pay for the amount of snooping she achieved. She looked through my drawers, in my wardrobe and under my bed. Needless to say that she found many private items, including some sensitive papers.

And so she knows of my shameful money spending. Giving me miniature lectures at every opportunity, telling me off for spending a large chunk or my nest egg. The only thing that will silence her is if I find a job, a process that I will look into soon enough.

My brother is stealing my Lapdancer from me. Just because he broke his laptop (It being in the shop for repair) the hwoon dahn thinks he has a rite to take mine away. He tells mum that he's doing project work for university before sitting and playing Age of Empires III. And I'm afraid of what he does when I'm at school. Who knows what my precious Lapdancer has seen?

J-pop isn't all too bad to be honest.
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At 10:45 pm, Anonymous Marie said...

It's probably shitey aol, but there appears to be two copies of this blog.
I'm probbaly gonna fone you in about 15mins once your out the shower so really any comments that i would ordinarily make will be said there.
Indeed your mum did get a lot of snooping done didnt she...ah well thats what mothers are for is it not?

At 7:24 am, Anonymous jules said...

Spent an hour catching up on everything :) An hour well spent. Belated Happy B'day Joe :D

At 8:03 am, Anonymous Joe said...

Glad to have you back Jules.



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