Sleepwalking my way through life: The hero returneth

The hero returneth

I'm back.

I'm back like I said I would be. Sure, I didn't have the bulging muscles, Austrian accent or a gun over my shoulder, but I like to think that I made an effect.

I had fun. A lot of fun. An experience that I will only forget during the senile grip of old age.

Yet I'm immensely happy that I'm back.

Three weeks away was far too long. I started missing too much. I even welcomed the biting chill as I stepped out the door this morning, a warm feeling settling in my chest despite the cold. My friends had happy, smiling faces which immediately follwed hugs. Things were back to normal.

A smiling face, scented hair, soft skin. It almost made me think that the three weeks apart was worth it, just so I could realise what I was missing.

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At 9:09 am, Anonymous ? said...

Hi Joe, Happy Birthday 4 2moro!

At 10:09 am, Anonymous Joe said...

Thank you very much. I'm... semi looking forward to it.
But yeah, thanks again.


At 10:35 am, Anonymous Marie said...

Only semi? That's because you've already been given my present and now the best part is over...i understand completely :P. You'll no longer be a sweet 16..awwwwwwwww.

At 12:08 pm, Anonymous ? said...

ur saying thanks 2 me normally when i post on here im hurled abuse!

At 5:08 pm, Anonymous Marie said...

Well maybe your comment this time didnt openly invite abuse?

At 7:29 pm, Anonymous ? said...

right then

At 12:23 pm, Anonymous Joe said...

True that. You were nice to me, so I have no reason to be abusive to you.

Thanks again.




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