Sleepwalking my way through life: Friendship is like a warm, chocolate doughnut

Friendship is like a warm, chocolate doughnut

The regular update at the end of a long week.

It's been my first full week back at school, which I guess is the reason for the longness of it. I already feel back at home, I've nestled back into my groove and I'm as comfortable as ever.


My friends are drifting apart. It's obvious to anyone, yet we'll only talk about it in the private circle of huddled heads. The only thing that is really keeping us together is the promise of going to the prom together, sharing a limo. After that people are going to drift until the group disbands.

I'm just wondering where I'll go. Who'll I'll be with.

Most likely the group that stays in our little corner of the Crush.

But I won't talk about that for too long. I need to think and get my facts straight before I begin to debate things.

I'm heading to a ceilidh tonight. Marie's mum and dad invited us to go, and since I showed interest and wanted to see Marie badly (I never saw her last Saturday) I agreed to go. Now a slight panic has set in my stomach as I realise that I have no idea what to wear, what to do or even how to dance. I have a haunting vision of tripping over my own feet and stumbling face first into some form of potato salad.

Marie's mum is picking me up after I get home from school too. A whole half hour of car talk with the mother-in-law, maybe I should be panicking about that. Marie warned me not to be backed into a corner when she's asking me questions. Now I have a good reason to be panicked.

We're meeting up tomorrow too. We haven't been on a proper date in ages, so we're heading to the cinema to catch Memoirs of a Geisha so we can feel like a couple and make single people jealous. I'm looking forward to it, a lot.

We spent three hours on the phone last night. From nine until one in the morning when I felt so tired that I was almost asleep on the phone. The thing is that as soon as I hung up the phone I felt more awake than ever and laid awake in bed for a good half hour before finally drifting off. I was so excited about the next day, Friday, and what it could hold.

And now I know what it holds. A day filled with the Return of the Bishop, creme eggs and the slow realisation that a friend is no longer a friend. But I suppose I've known that for a while now.

The end of a long week with the promise of a good weekend is a sweet thought.
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At 12:14 am, Anonymous Marie said...

Me? Panick you?...never!ok maybe just a little but it was warented, sometimes my mum can be really annoying and interfering...more so than regular mothers.
I had fun at the ceilidh. thanks for a fun evening :P Looking forward to tomorrow.
Luv ya,


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