Sleepwalking my way through life: Everyone! The milky bars are on me!

Everyone! The milky bars are on me!

School. Cold. Bad music. Bad combination.

But I shall not fret for long. It happens to be a Tuesday and I see a glorious shaft of light in the dark gloomy clouds of winter, in a mere two hours I will be home free to spend my winnings in HMV and return to my humble abode to take a stab at my dissertation.

I have to return two DVD's, totaling up to about forty pounds plus twenty pounds worth of vouchers means I can acquire quite a few new useless DVD's that I'll watch once and forget for a while, or I can pray that they finally have the Ghost in the Shell:SAC 1st GIG in stock. Or maybe even Full Metal Alchemist.

Lets stop the boring ramblings of an anime freak here.

I passed my Advanced English unit test, barely. MsHarte said that I never get to the point of things, that I let them dangle in the air. I'll have to talk to her and ask her what she means by that next time I see her.

The bus stop changed yesterday, meaning I now have to travel to a different bus stop for my traveling needs. Unfortunately no one took the time to tell me this yesterday.

The bus stop was unusually empty, filled with many people who were shorter than me gathered in groups and chattering about their pointless gossip while I stood at the side by myself, contemplating my music while the wind blew my hair into my eyes once again. A bus came along, and by the sign in the front window I knew it was the bus for Ballerup. No problem, I'll just hang about until my bus comes. It's half past, so it should be here soon.

I realised that something was wrong when the Ballerup bus pulled away, leaving the bus stop empty apart from a confused seventeen year old who was cursing the wind for blowing yet more hair into his already hairy eyes. I turned and headed down a street in the general direction of the school. I had missed the bus, it had came early causing me to miss it and be late for school. Perfect.

While walking up to the school I spied two people, students, walking the opposite way to the town centre. As we got closer I realised that it was Jen and Chaz. I am unsure what to do, say hi? No, just walk on head low and pretend not to see them. Easy. Then I notice that they've noticed me too, and are planning to do the same thing.

And I can't help but laugh as we pass each other.

I trudged up to school, jumping into class just as the bell rung nine. Drama wasn't bad this time round. The teacher let us act out scenes that we needed to do for the exam. I sat by myself, pouring over the script in an attempt to learn my lines. Everyone else was practicing with their partners, partners I didn't have seeing as I was away. So I was reading a scene from the Crucible to myself whe Helen wandered over.

"Hey Joe, you mind going over my lines with me for the Crucible?"

"Sure, I need the practice. I have to find out what this Proctor fella is like..."

Me and Helen go way back, back to when I first got into drama. We attended the same drama group in the Arts Centre for three years, that's three years of bad plays, mini-

The bell tolls, and I must leave.
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At 7:18 pm, Anonymous ? said...

we were gonna say hi but u stated laughing at us!

At 7:22 pm, Anonymous Joe said...

I wasn't laughing AT you. I just found the situation... Funny.


At 7:50 pm, Anonymous Marie said...

What the hell happened to the comment i made on this blog earlier??!! :( typical...

What it sed was well done on english etc.
And the laughing thing is so typical of you:
"the kinda guy that laughs at a funeral; cant understand what i mean?; you soon will..."

At 8:01 pm, Anonymous Joe said...

I also like taking off my shirt it seems...


At 9:42 am, Anonymous ? said...

i thought u were laughing at me with my hood up lol!

At 12:50 pm, Anonymous Joe said...

I love poo. Poo poo poo! I smell like poo too.

Wonderful poo.


At 3:21 pm, Anonymous ? said...

well ur funny!

At 4:29 pm, Anonymous Joe said...

I wasn't laughing at your hood up...

But I am kinda laughing at the last comment that "I" made. I was wondering when people would figure out how to do that...


At 7:06 pm, Anonymous Marie said...

I bet you so made point arguing with the truth of what it says thought :P

(but seriously who wrote it)

At 10:18 pm, Anonymous Sexyman said...

Who said poo?

At 4:35 am, Anonymous Jules said...

People are saying poo a lot.

At 11:28 am, Anonymous Joe said...

Twas my brother. The poo bag is just messing around in my account.

Oh poo!



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