Sleepwalking my way through life: "One"


Late night posting again.

Or, would this be early morning? Technically, yes it would be, but lets call it night anyway.

This weekend has been an eventful one to say the least. I was genuinely surprised to wake up this morning and discover it was only Sunday and I still had another day to go before school commenced. Yet I was to discover that I had another day off before school began.

We're getting the windows replaced tomorrow, and since mum is unsure of when the men will arrive, I've to stay at home and wait for them and make sure they do things right. I'm not complaining though. It means I get an, otherwise pointless, day off school in order to catch up on various tasks that need sorting out and doing English homework.

And, of course, this blog.

Friday night was a day in itself. Many many bad things happened. You'll forgive me for not going into a few of them in detail, but I can tell you some.

For one thing, being the youngest family member in the area, apart from the two young demon sisters, always means that it's your responsibility to take care of said demon sisters. And these sisters happen to be armed with plastic whip-like-headbands and the knowledge that you can't hit them back.

With many whip stings and kicks to the eye later the men rescue me and take me to the pub down the street. I drown my sorrows in coke, only to realise that happiness is not at the bottom of a glass. Only the cold touch of ice and a distorted view of what lies ahead.

The night picked up slightly after that. We ate, we talked, we jest. I spent a good deal of time in the kitchen with Arthur talking about things. It wasn't all bad. He told me all about his experiences in Singapore, and asked me to send him a postcard when I'm there.

I'm thinking about doing that for quite a few people actually.

Saturday was good too. I spent the entire day at Marie's house, watching tv and talking and eating. It was fun.

Today was spent at another family doo. In short I spent most off my time sitting alone and eating Chicken Curry while people I don't know talked to other people I don't know and people I didn't want to talk to rambled on about things that I knew more about than they did.

I was glad when I got home, it meant I could work on things for tomorrow.

This is the end of the countdown, so next post is going to have something... Special.

Like I said, I'm probably over hyping this. And I'd like to apologise now if you end up a little disappointed tomorrow.


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