Sleepwalking my way through life: "Merry Christmas folks."

"Merry Christmas folks."

I promised myself that I wouldn't blog when i was away, but since I've already broken a promise to someone I might as well continue with the trend.

If I go out, I go out guns a-blazing.

Now, this should be a merry post, filled with the joyous bringings of Christmas with all related festivities and actions included. Dinners, presents, family, friends, and just the general air of niceness.

It really really should be.

Truth be told, I have never felt more alone than sitting on that pathway, staring at a really beautiful sight.

Merry Christmas folks.
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At 6:39 pm, Anonymous laura said...

awwwwwww joe me dear its me laura mcg(cant be bothered signing in lol), awww *big hugs* misssed u loads in graphics durin da last week ive got so much 2 tell u bout christmas an random stuff lol lol, ive ate 2 much chocolate an im hyper an blabbing but i hope u feel better soon an ur new year is better an ur alrite an 2 tell u ur not alone at all cos we all love an miss u!!!!!!
lots of love an hugs an chocolates hehehehehhehe
laura xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

At 6:37 am, Anonymous Laura said...

Aw Joe, nobody should be lonely around Christmas!


I'm missing you muchly.

So um, we should talk sometime, I really have missed you and all. Hope you're having fun and stuff.

At 7:10 pm, Anonymous Marie said...

You're back now, u have to write a blog at some point. And thus give me something to distract me from my studies...anything....pleeeeeeeeease...write anything.

At 8:58 pm, Anonymous Joe said...

I just did.


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