Sleepwalking my way through life: "Insert cheesey grin and holding up a of book."

"Insert cheesey grin and holding up a of book."

Call me Hamlet.

I'm procrastinating. I should be rapidly typing my english essay in a vain attempt to finish for tomorrow morning, but seeing as Ms Harte foolishly told us that we could finish it for Friday. So I've decided to do this instead.

She really is a foolish teacher.

We went to the library today. I had forgotten all about it until I sat down, trying to warm my freezing hands form the cold, and Clare just mentioned it.

And that brightened up my day. I headed up to the library to blog about it, but Mr Kerr decided to not let us on the computers because a class was coming in and he didn't want any distractions.

No bother, I headed down to the Town Centre with Gary. He informed me that I was involved in a Secret Santa in drama, two pounds limit and the objects have to be from the pound store.

Oh the possibilities...

After a quick look around I decided against the dog lead for Assunta fearing it would put across an unwanted message. I bought her a garden gnome and a packet of batteries, 'cause you always need batteries, and who doesn't like garden gnomes? Gary bought Hannah a plastic sword and a feather scarf thingy (I want to say boa, but I'm, not too sure if that's it...).

Gary being Gary however openned the sword set and proceeded to put them on and patrol around the Town Centre talking like ye olde english knight. However, the bulging muscles of Gary's arm was just too much for one of the poor gauntlets, and it snapped under the pressure of his mighty strength.

After a little while, we decided to head into Ottackers and grab a quick coffee before heading back up to school. Even warriors need to drink! So we sat down, him with his tea, me with my hot chocolate (I'm a wuss when it comes to coffee people) and sat and talked about God and the universe and all the usual stuff I reserve for discussing with John. Funny how neither me nor Gary believe in God.

No one talks more about God than those who insist that there is no God.

I bought a book, and mulled over buying John Milton's Paradise Lost before realising that I didn't have enough money, and why spend money when I can use the ever present help of my local library!

Insert cheesey grin and holding up of a book.

We headed back up to school, buying a truckload of sweets and drinks along the way (Aswell as Clares lunch which she asked me to get from the chippie) and sat around in the lunch hall before going to the bus.

The bus ride was a right laugh. We just sat and messed about, eating and drinking until I felt sick with chocolate. Me, Gary and Clare sat in the back row, talking about the random topics that pop into our heads and pissing about in general. The funniest point was when I reached under the chair in front of me and grabbed Monica's leg. She screamed so loud that everyone turned round to see what was wrong.

All the while I was laughing my ass off.

I made it up by giving her a Toblerone though. Farmfoods is great. Lots of great stuff that's extremely cheap.

The library was ok. I found a really great book for my Dissertation and got some pretty amazing notes that I can use and develop on. But still need to do another thousand words by next thursday. It's really due in for Friday, but since I'll be on a plane heading for the other side of the world at that time, I don't think I'd be able to hand it in...

Ah crap, nine days left.

Terrified yet excited at the same time. It's only just hit me that in just over a week I'll be in Singapore. Singapore!. I'm wondering about the food, the people, the area, the climate, will I remember everyone's names, will I make friends over there, will I miss my friends too much, will I miss Marie too much, am I going to enjoy myself, will I get the right plane, will the plane explode on the way there...

And then I take a deep breath and remember that I won't know what happens until it happens, so I shouldn't panic.

And then I panic anyway.
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