Sleepwalking my way through life: "Rest in peace dear cd player."

"Rest in peace dear cd player."

Not too long today folks.

As usual, I bring you a friday post. But there is a change of ritual this time round. Mr.Ramsay and his never ending drawl of Scottish politics are no longer with us, he has been replaced by a rabble of chattering first years.

Oh the joy.

Add to that to my cd player is fucking about with me and we have the recipe for a perfectly sour mood. Now to add the pinch of salt...

Yes... It was my fault that the cd player broke. Whilst in the queue to buy lunch I carelessly threw my bag the length of half the lunch hall to Jeff where she would store it under the table. Needless to say that Jeff missed and my bag crashed to the ground and slid to a halt under a chair. It was then that I remembered about the cd player. I opened it when I came into the library to find the lid bent out of shape and the disk strewn out in my bag. I re-shape the lid, replace the cd and play. It works fine for approximately twenty seconds before it buzzes alarmingly and dies. I tried many methods of ressusitation, but it didn't make it.

Rest in peace dear cd player.

This lengthy process caused me to waste over half of my free period. Hence the rushing of this post right now.

I'll trade it in again tomorrow, hopefully they won't see that I've already traded it in once. Well they shouldn't give me a cd player that fucks up all the time!

And I might be having my hair cut tomorrow. Not cut cut, just trimmed and thinned to make it more manageable. It's become a real bitch to do in the mornings.

Lots of things have been happening recently that's made me think about other things and about myself. Things are changing again, and they may be gradual, but they're still changing. Do I want these things? My RE teacher said that it's the greatest trial in someones life to look inside yourself and see who you are.

Well set up the judge and the jury, 'cause I'm going in.
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At 4:59 pm, Blogger Joe said...


At 5:56 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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What the munch....

Anyway joe, waht do you mean bout these changes.

At 6:48 pm, Blogger Joe said...

Don't worry, these changes aren't about you... Mostly me. I'm being cryptic. I know, I'm annoying...



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