Sleepwalking my way through life: "The day was great."

"The day was great."

Eight minutes to go and no time to post.

Finished my Dissertation piece. Twenty minutes at the computer solved that, but I wouldn't be surprised if the teacher takes it home because she ran out of toilet paper.

I didn't talk about Sally, I talked about her guardian and the bad guy of the book and how they might be similar but their residences aren't. You see, Sally doesn't get out too much so I'm wondering why the fuck did I decide to put "Setting" in as one of my paragraphs.

Now that I think on it I'm wondering why the fuck I chose those two books.

Christmas is coming at a run and I have no idea what to get folks. I have little ghosts of thoughts, but not wholly formed ideas. Secret Santas will be fun. I just feel sorry for the poor sod who got me.

I'm in an odd mood.

Saturday was a lot of fun. Despite the few arguments that led to non-talky and the freezing coldness of Glasgow, it was great. Hanging about with friends was great. Having a one on one conversation was great. Having her head rest on my lap for the train ride was great. Having lots of fun conversations was great. Being envied by the girls in front of us was great.

The day was great.

And last night I felt happier than I had been in a long long time. Such little words can bring happiness.

Two minutes to go. The clock is ticking against me. Soon English will start and the trauma will begin. Prep the A&E for me.

Yeah, I'm in an odd mood.

One minute.

Disregard post.
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