Sleepwalking my way through life: "And most of the users on it are prick-like n00bs anyway."

"And most of the users on it are prick-like n00bs anyway."

My kingdom for some information on Sally Lockhart!

Seriously. Every time I search for "Northern Lights/Ruby in the Smoke" comparisons I get some crap about religion! And even if I only search for "Ruby in the Smoke" I get a ton of data on Northern Lights and a slight reference to Ruby in the Smoke.

It means I have to come up with my own stuff for my dissertation. Which sucks.

I've been spending most of my time reading more webcomics. I know a few that I can get into where I won't obsess over at their lack of posting. I won't link them all because I can't be bothered to find them all again.

I've also become more active in CaliforniaLan again, and I LOVE using my mod status. Especially when I can boss around little punks who have eight hundred posts while I rest on a solid twenty. It's fun in more ways than one.

Inch by inch I'm rediscovering the internet outside of Guild Wars. The game itself has seemed to come to a screeching halt. It promises a whole new world of areas to explore, with no access to them until you do certain things. These things I do not know how to do, ergo no wide new world for me.

And most of the users on it are prick-like n00bs anyway.

I met Marie's parents on Saturday. They're a happy bunch, nice and friendly to me as we sat around the table eating Chinese. Having nice conversations and great laughs about the pajama lady next door who scratches her intimate parts in public.

I know, I shuddered too.

Today is Tuesday, and I'm going to be meeting up with Marie after school (Seeing as I have a half day every Tuesday), but instead of heading back to my house we might just go back to the centre for a while. Hang about with my friends and eating some Subs. We even have a special discount card that we all bought on Monday, means we can get Subs for half price. That means it's only a pound a week on Subways. Hell yes.

I really can't wait to see her. Time is moving so slowly right now and you can bet your ass that it's going to speed up when she arrives. Time has a funny habit of doing that.

In twenty four days I head on a plane bound for Singapore. Well, actually Amsterdam and then Singapore. I feel kinda nervous to say the least.

And I suddenly realise that I haven't mentioned this before.

From the sixteenth of December to the Ninth of January I will be on the other side of the planet on a small island off the coast of China. I'll be visiting my dad over Christmas and New year and since he lives in Singapore... You get the idea. Chris isn't going because he's been pulled into work for the holidays, so it'll jest be me. I'm looking forward to it and not-so-looking forward to it at the same time. I mean, it'll be great to have a tropical winter with mountains of cheap technology and more manga than I can read. But I'm not sure. I wonder if I'll get on with my dads wife's family, or if I'll forget all their names or if or if or if.

Yeah, my fears are unfounded and not needed. I don't know what things'll be like until I get there won't I?

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