Sleepwalking my way through life: "That was over half an hour ago."

"That was over half an hour ago."

Another late night post I see.

I'm gonna have to stop this though. when I get back to school I'm going to need all my energy to stay awake for class.

Fuck, my mum sneezed again. I need to type quietly...

I actually have a reason for staying up late. Marie didn't actually come out today as first planned. Her parents had stayed home instead of embarking on their weekly trip to a caravan somewhere down south, so she wasn't allowed out for the day. The original plan for the day was to walk around glasgow during the day and to go to the cinema in the evening or night, depending on our moods. But since Marie couldn't come out today I was thinking of skipping the film and phoning her early as a nice surprise so we could talk for longer on the phone.

But I forgot that she was out at a party tonight.

So I couldn't phone her. She's going to phone me soon though. She said that she'd call in ten minutes. That was over half an hour ago.


I was in a very deep mood earlier, I had a very thoughtful and philosophical blog to write out. But I thought-

My phone's ringing.

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