Sleepwalking my way through life: "Right now you're wondering if I'm still talking about my game aren't you?"

"Right now you're wondering if I'm still talking about my game aren't you?"

Another friday post.

I'm sitting here, a stomach full of junk and an ear full of good music. Our Lady Peace. They are pretty good. Seemingly happy, yet deffinately underlaid with emo-ish qualities. The most up beat and happy sounding songs seem to be the saddest. It's an interesting mix.

But I'm not here to talk about music, I'm here to try and answer some questions in my head.

I bought a game today, Guild Wars. It's an MMORPG (Massive multiplayer online role playing game), and I've been looking forward to it for a while now. I have a free night in where I can test it out and get a feel for it. I know that I'll eventually get hooked. I'll be off in a minute mum, I'm just about to level up. Ten more minutes, I've almost got that item. No mum, I dropped the Lapdancer, I didn't throw it down in a fit of fury because the goddamn magic spell didn't kick in in time.

I will spend a good chunk of my life on this thing. I will grow to love it in my own specil way. But I know the eventual outcome.

I will grow bored of it. I'll play it less and less, a slight resentment growing towards the game for not giving me new challanges, new experiences. I will toss it aside, like a copy of Gex. It will lie buried for a long time, and with any luck I'll forget it completely all together. In time another game will come along, this time and action/adventure, and the process will start again.

I never considor the game's feelings.

The gamer bought that game. The gamer made a commitment to play it. The gamer treated the game with love and it responded in the same manner. The game's feelings continue strong while the gamer's begin to waver. Does the game know what it's doing wrong? It's being the same it's always been, it hasn't lost any of the appeal that it had in the first place. Yet it's still being thrown to the side like a piece of crap. It doesn't understand what's wrong, it can't comprehend why the player is acting that way. The game signed up for a good long while, it doesn't expect to be left alone.

Right now you're wondering if I'm still talking about my game aren't you?

Now, I'd like you to imagine this scenario. The game has been bought, it has been taken home and played for a small while. Both the game and the gamer are having good fun. The gamer is beginning to get hooked, and it looks like the good times are never going to end. Now imagine the surprise of the game if the gamer turns around and exclaims, "I don't think I'll still be playing you after six months."

This puts the game in a very awkward position.

Should it stick it out, ride with the good times, have laughs, but with the ever looming feeling in it's gut? The feeling that one day, beyond any control of it's own, things will end. Or will it give up. Take me back to the store, shove me in the microwave, I'm gonna go out with a bang.

But it has no choice. The love for the gamer pushes it on. The sullen feeling in it's insides growing larger every second.

I am Guild Wars.
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At 9:26 pm, Blogger You know, that Laura person. said...

And who is the gamer?

At 9:28 pm, Blogger You know, that Laura person. said...

Oh yeah, one more thing.


... yes.

[Darling, start writing for money...]


[You write better than the authors of a lot of books I've read.]

[And I'm a complete bookworm.]


At 10:20 pm, Blogger Insane.Dilusional.Me said...

The game shouldn't stick with the gamer when they know it will all end in a disaster of frayed cables and broken joysticks. The game will just rust. It needs to move on and be played by a gamer that knows its worth!

PS....i have an idea wat your on about lol

At 3:16 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have a look at it this way. Your partner is dying, do you leave them, allowing yourself to move on ordo you spend everyday henceforth spending time with them because you want to irk out every possible good time befoe they leave?

Tough choice...

At 11:24 am, Blogger Toni said...

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Anyway Joe, thanks again and see you again when I’m in less of a rush.

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