Sleepwalking my way through life: "And we danced."

"And we danced."

I checked my watch again.

The luminous hands read just past eleven. It had been a hell of a day. I looked out the taxi window and saw the night life of Glasgow in all it's glory. The throngs of people making their ways to various places for various night outs. I make a quiet sigh before my attention returns to the inside of the car. The seat was deep, comfy and , combined with the dull pang of air freshener, I was pretty relaxed. The driver in front of me laughed at something out the window and I eyed him in the mirror for a moment. I finally struck up a conversation.

"So, where you from?" I ask, looking out the window again.

"Crookston." He replied.

"Really? That's where my girlfriend lives."

"That pretty young thing that we left at the station?"

I smiled to myself. "Yeah."

It had been one hell of a day.

The train in was the usual. The banter as hilarious as ever as we traversed the distance from my town into Glasgow. Maddy had brought pictures from days of yore. She wouldn't let me burn the pictures of my short curly hair. The time flew by before I could notice and I soon found myself at Crossmyloof. One stop from Glasgow.

My stomach did a small but significant flip.

I became obsessed over my looks. My hair, my clothes, my everything needed to be perfectly in check. I knew that we had been going out for four weeks, but she still has that effect on me. I glanced out the window and watched as we passed over the Clyde. My stomach twinged.

The right woman can have that effect on a man.

And my right woman was standing at Tie Rack, smiling a nervous smile as I led her over to where my friends were standing. She had been expecting an inquisition. An endless barrage of questions about her personal life and her intentions with me. Her fingers gripped my hand tightly as we joined the group, and we started talking.

But not for long, soon I had whisked her away all to myself. Whispering sweet nothings into her ear all the way up to the cinema. A smaller cinema this time, one that would be quieter than the ever-busy UGC.

The film ended and we wandered around Glasgow taking in the sights and smells. A light wind was in the air, making me feel cool in the warm autumn sun. Marie, however, was totally different. Wearing a skirt doesn't do too well for a body's insulation, and she shivered for most of the time. We settled in George Square and huddled close on a bench, keeping each other warm.

Time flew by on that bench, and before I knew it five o'clock had rolled around. Time for dinner.

We headed to TGI Fridays and asked for a seat. We walked out five minutes later and headed into Borders to hang about for an hour. The waiting list was up to forty minutes and we needed to pass the time somehow, so we looked at books that she needed for University and I showed her some of my Manga. But that got old really fast and we wandered around looking at random books.

We headed down to the first basement and sat on some stools in the African History section. There was some old fifties music playing in the background, and combined with the warmth of the room, I was content. We just sat there in silence for a while. Doing nothing except breathe slow and heavy breaths. I stood up before pulling her up slowly with me. The area we were in was practically deserted, so I held her close to me, my arms wrapped around her waist.

And we danced.

A slow, rhythmic movement to the music that was playing. It was nice, and I never felt closer to her than I did then. But it was soon all over. A glance at my watch told me that I we had to make our way back to TGIs or we'd lose our place. I took her by the hand and led her out, the old fifties music still lingering on my memory.

Dinner was fun. We both ordered a half rack of ribs and I got a side of salad to split which I ended up eating all by myself. We talked, we laughed and we ate. The food was good, so we finished it relatively quickly and decided to order desert. The waitress came over to take our plates away and we ordered a hot fudge sundae to split. The table was emptied, and it was only us.

The perfect time.

She gazed at the walls and out the window, her attention diverted for a few moments. My hand shot to my bag and I brought out the present before sliding it over the table. Marie didn't know that I had bought her a present, thinking that the dinner and cinema was her birthday treat, so the look of surprise on her face as she looked at the purple wrapping paper with the silver ribbon was priceless. She opened it slowly and carefully, trying not to rip the paper or bow, until she reached the black box inside.

She loved the necklace.

We stepped out of TGI's at about half seven. And since it was still early and I had a late curfew that night we decided to go for another film. The UGC was showing Pride and Predjudice so we walked up there and sat in the packed cinema together. I didn't let go of her once throughout the whole film.

It ended, and we headed to the train station where we squashed ourselves into a photobooth to pass time until the train arrived. The resulting photo is now resting in my wallet this very second.

There were some problems on the tracks so a replacement bus service was available. "Estimated time of arrival at [my town]: Four hours"

Marie phoned up a taxi for me. One last kiss before I jumped into the taxi and he drove away.

It had been one hell of a night.
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At 3:02 pm, Blogger jeff said...

aww im sooo glad uv found some1 like her i dont think iv ever seen u so happy b4. n iv known u 4 13 years. stillmakes me sick with jealousy tho. = ) luv jeff Xxxxxxx <333

At 10:48 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Anyone that actually knows you knows that you don't strike up conversations with random taxi drivers. Nor does life ever sound so perfectly rehersed.

Quit living in your little dream world where you rule, cause you don't.

At 11:35 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

well done!

At 11:48 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

who are you anyway?

At 2:28 pm, Anonymous Comrade J said...

Wayhay, yeah i know what your talking about congrtatulations tho..... *cough* bandit *cough* lol seroiusly tho well done hope you and her are happy for a long time


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