Sleepwalking my way through life: "[Lots of scenes missing]"

"[Lots of scenes missing]"

Long time, no post.

Many many things have happened since my last post, and I have decided to use my two free hours of school, time to update this instead of leaving it in the abysmal abyss of emptiness.

But where to start?

I believe I'll begin the saturday before last. I had convinced my mum that Maddy was hosting an all-night movie marathon session with pizza. She reluctantly agreed to let me go, and I left the house to head into Glasgow.

Several hours later I found myself outside Marie's house waiting for her to disarm the alarm to let us in. She lived inside a large bungalow that smelled faintly of flowers. Marie, being the gracious host that she was, gave me the grand tour before we settled on the couch of her living room.

[scene missing]

My phone was ringing. I jumped pout of the bed and answered it quickly, my voice calm and smooth. It was Mum. Asking where I was and where I had been all day.

"At Maddy's house. Remember? You said I could go."

"Yeah, but I didn't expect you to go all day."

"Well sorry, but I was."

"What's Maddy's phone number?"

My blood froze.

"Why do you ask?"

"I'm going to call you to make sure you're actually there."

"Fine, just gimme a sec to get it. She's in the toilet right now."

"Ok, bye."



I immediately dial Maddys house and tell her the situation. She's leaving for work in ten minutes and don't know if she could cover for me. I told her to do her best, and hung up.

I phoned mum back.


"Yeah, the phone number is [Insert numbers]. But I dunno if you can call me now. My stomoache is feeling a bit off after I had greggs this afternoon..."


"Yeah, I might head to the toilet soon."

"Oh ok then. I'll call you sometime later tonight."

Fuck. Me.

"Ok then... Gotta go! Bye!"

And Marie and I proceeded to freak out.

Luckily she didn't call for the rest of the night and we were left to our own... devices.

The next morning I headed home on the underground while Marie went to work. I bought a card (My mum's birthday was on that day) and a bottle of coke from a shop in Glasgow Central before jumping on my train. I was home free. I hadn't got caught, and I was going to be home in perfect time.

"Tickets please."

You have got to be fucking kidding me.

No money. No goddamn money. I tried to give him my East Kiilbride to Glasgow ticket from the day before, but he looked right at it and examined it thoroughly.

I really thought I was boned this time.

"I'll come back to you on this one." he said.

And he didn't.

He walked up and down the two carriages a few times, but he didn't come over and ask for my ticket. I was extemely relieved.

The rest of the week went by without incident. Mum never called Maddy and was totally clueless about what had happened, and school went on as it usually did.

But the September weekend was approaching quickly, and Marie's parents were going away again. My devious brain whirred into life at the possibility.

"Jeff is having a party and she wants me and a few other people to crash to help her clean up."

I love my persuasuion skills.

However, Marie was working from five to eight, meaning I'd have to get a really late train, or be in her house by myself. I voted for the latter option, it meant I got in a warm place a lot quicker and it was a test to see if she trusted me enough. So she agreed and gave me the code to her house alarm.

And off I went.

I could remember the way to her house easily enough, and I got in without incident. I sat and watched tv for an hour or so until she came through the door. I saw her, hugged her, and brought out the pink roses from behind my back.

Aren't I just the best boyfriend ever!

Needless to say she loved them, and we sat down to watch part of a film before....

[Lots of scenes missing]

Ok, now I've gotten quite a few lectures about what happened last night. Seriously, I've heard it all. "That was too fast", "Are you sure you were ready?", "That was WAY too fast."

I don't care.

I don't regret a single second of it. Yes, I do agree, we went really fucking fast. It was obvious from our first date.

But I love her.

It's her birthday on saturday. Yesterday I went out and bought this beautiful necklace for her. I'm going to give it to her when I take her out for dinner this saturday.

Yes, once again, aren't I the best boyfriend EVER!

But I have one thing to say before I go.

I am in love.

Hell fucking yes
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