Sleepwalking my way through life: "Dude, this is a crap chapter of the novel."

"Dude, this is a crap chapter of the novel."

It's amazing where word of mouth can take you.

For example. This blog has increased it's amount readers by at least one hundred percent. I have no idea how many of them will stay with us, but I welcome them.

Jeez, I sound like a Bible group.

Gary (Hendersex) walked up to me this morning.

"Wow Joe! That website of yours is great!"

"Hey, thanks man."

"How do you come up with those stories? I know you base them on yourself and your friends, but how did you come up with them?"


"You're stories."

"Those aren't stories, that's my actual life you know."

"Really? I thought I was reading a novel!"

I laughed, and the day seemed to go a bit quicker.

Yesterday I drew a doodle of Jeff on my notebook. Cara noticed it and asked if I could do one of her. Then Becca asked. Being the nice guy that I am, I said I would do my best, but they had to give me a week. And so they left it.

But now I have to draw three pictures...

I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

I haven't drawn anything in ages. But this afternoon in Drama I doodled a picture of a woman from the Crucible (The film we were watching) and it turned out pretty good. And it was fun to draw instead of the usual frustration I have.

Maybe this is a good thing after all.

I apologise. This post is turning into the random ramblings of a raving lunatic.

Lots of R's there.

Dude, this is a crap chapter of the novel.
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