Sleepwalking my way through life: "Cathouse girl."

"Cathouse girl."

And I sit here, finally, after about a week of not posting anything worthwhile.

I finally have some stories to tell, and lots of time to tell them in.

Lets begin, as tradition, with the beginning.

So I got up on Saturday morning, and dressed myself up. I actually took some time to get ready, I picked out clothes and made myself look smart. I was even trying out a new hairstyle that day. I slipped on my brand new green cons and headed downstairs to see if I could score a lift to the the train station.

"Go get your breakfast first!"

So I poured out my cereal and went to get the milk out of the fridge. However it was stuck in the shelf so i had to yank it out. The shelf collapsed, sending numerous items to the floor. One of which was a tomato ketchup bottle which promptly exploded when it hit the floor. Chris and mum ran in.

"The floor!" Mum shouted.

"My bag!" Chris exclaimed, looking at his sauce-splattered bag.

"MY SHOES!" I screamed as I looked at my perfectly green cons covered in red tomoato sauce. I rushed to clean them up, and I did mostly. I only have a slightly darkened patch on my used-to-be-perfectly-white laces.

So I headed out, and me and my friends headed into Glasgow. By the time we got in I had about an hour before I was meeting someone, so I wanted to have lots of fun before I walked off to an afternoon doomed to awkwardness of the silent type.

And we did have fun. We hung out in Borders and read jokes from joke books to each other. There were a few good ones that I need to remember to be honest. I know, I'm a sucker for a good joke.

The time passed on, and I had to be at the train station. So we went, and I met up with her.


Cathouse girl.

Oh shit.

"Hi there! You look great! Yeah, this is Maddy, Rebecca and you remember Jeff. Ok, lets go."

And we talked. We talked all the way up to the cinema. It was fun. Like, really fun.

Time had gone and pissed off for the day, my quick wit took over and I was sitting pretty.

So I bought the tickets and we walked around Glasgow some more before settling down in George Square. We were sitting together, just talking but getting closer and closer and closer until I had her in my arms.

And we kissed.

And forty minutes later, after lying on the grass in George Square, we headed to the cinema to see Red Eye.

This is usually the point where I give you a quick review of the film, saying whether it's any good or not. But to be honest, I didn't watch enough to really like or dislike it.

Hell yes.

My train was due to leave in five minutes, and I asked the question. And she agreed to be my girlfriend.

Hell fucking yes.

I saw her next on Monday. We were heading into Glasgow to go to the Glasgow Uni open day that was going on. And she was standing by Tie Rack, a pretty little smile on her face, and my knees went weak.

Yes, I do really like this girl.

But I think I offended someone.

We walked around Glasgow Uni for about an hour before giving up and returning to Glasgow town to walk about and shop. It was a lot of fun. Lots of talking, walking and basically pissing about.

The train home wasn't bad either. I sat across from Rebecca and Jeff with Clare sitting beside me.

"Joe!" Clare exclaimed as I sat down. "I had forgotten what you looked like!"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, you had Marie stuck to your face for most of the day..."

"Really?" Rebecca asked.

"Yeah," she answered, "they were even at it in the middle of the street at one point."

"More than one." Jeff added.

I laughed along with them before going into plans about our cinema outing on Wednesday and about how I might have offended the person.

Wednesday night was a good laugh. We saw the "40 year old virgin". It's quite good, and extremely funny at some bits. Me and Cara had a go at the Tekken5 arcade machine round back.

Of course I kicked her ass.

Before we left all six of us (Me, Jeff, Mad, Laura, Cara and Rebecca) piled into a photo-booth and tried to get a good picture of all of us. It turned out pretty good, but only five pics came out and I gave mine up so other people can have them.

Yes, flood me with emails of how I'm a nice guy.

Or not.

Saturday rolled around in a flash and before I knew it I was back in Glasgow with Marie.

We headed to Dixons so they could replace the CD player that "mysteriously broke" the day before. They went through the whole ordeal of looking through my papers and asking me loads of questions before telling me that I had forgotten to bring the charger with me.

That wasn't a watse of time at all.

We went to the cinema again. The film wasn't so bad, but it wasn't too good either...

Yes, I didn't watch most of it, again.

But a bad thing happened near the end of the day...

We were sitting on some steps and... you know. Well, out of the corner of my eye I saw this guy walking really slowly by us. I realised that he was kind of looking at us and stuff, but I ignored it and continued on. Next time I checked, he was kinda standing behind Marie, but he looked as though he was walking straight on, so I ignored it again. Soon after that I had to go, so we got up and started to walk to the train station.

"Joe, where's my phone?"


"Where's my phone?!"

It had been nicked. We talked to some Swedish backpackers and they said that the man came up to us really really close while we were kissing. They thought he was mentally disabled so they left him alone. By the time we got a full description out of him half an hour had passed and he was long gone. SO I consoled Marie before jumping on the train home.

She gave me her home phone number and I spent a few hours talking to her last night.

It was an amazing day.

An amazing week more like it.
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