Sleepwalking my way through life: "John is trying to disprove God again."

"John is trying to disprove God again."

"Today I offer up myself to this, I'm living for my dying wish.
I give it all.
There's a reason we give it all."

Rise Against - Give it all

Odd update today.

I was reading a horoscope today.

Sure, it was in a ladies magazine, but that's not the point.

It's pretty much true. Freaky huh? And I don't mean "Yeah, that's what happened." it was a "This is spookily creepy" sort of thing. Weird.

John is trying to disprove God again.

He's already done it once, but he's forgotten how he did it, so he's going to try again to see if he can shake our RE teacher's faith. Yes I agree, it would be funny, but he's already destroyed my faith once and I really don't want him to do it again. I think I'm going to have fun debating in RE.

But Ms Glen, Philosophy has nothing to do with God! You want theology!

Like I said, lots of fun.

I bought a box today. I knocked down glasses and almost had to sell my soul to pay for it, but I bought it.

Yes, I would sell my soul for a box that costs three pounds.

Getting mugged is a lot more fun than some people describe it. I got to die many times today, and breathe in peoples faces. But I think the girls enjoyed kicking me a little too much. Especially Hannah. She didn't even have to kick me, but she showed the others how to do it.

Several times.

"This is Bob. Bob has man-tits."

I still need to watch that film. John won't mind if I give it back to him on Monday. Well, he probably won't.

John and I have become better friends recently. Talking more and stuff. It's fun, he's a cool guy.

I miss drawing and writing. I haven't done anything since summer and I'm itching to draw something good.

Too bad I suck so badly.

I still need to draw and write birthday presents. I feel bad that I haven't. They say that it's fine, and they can wait, but they're disappointment is loud and clear.

It makes me feel bad.

I'm still confused, but I think I can manage it.

I think.

I was talking to someone yesterday. They kept trying to trick me into saying something. Did I take the bait?

Hell no.

Listen, you need to decide things for yourself. Yes, I know what the question was, and I know what the answer is. But I can't decide it for you. No one is going to come up, slap you and tell you what the right answer is.

No matter how much I want someone to.
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At 9:43 pm, Blogger Insane.Dilusional.Me said...

I dont know what your on about babe.
I wish you would tell me :(

At 5:32 pm, Blogger Joe said...

Twasn't about you dearie.


At 2:43 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok babe


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