Sleepwalking my way through life: "It was going to be one hell of a year."

"It was going to be one hell of a year."

It looked desolate to say the least. The bus had pulled up to the school and unceremoniously dropped us off at the brink before speeding away. I stood there - Jeff and Rooney by my side - gazing up in wonder at the three story tower that would occupy most of my time for the next year. The crowd, with faces both familiar and foreign, flowed into it while the chill from the wind told me to do the same.

I pushed through the doors and scanned the room for friendly faces, moving through the surreal groups towards the other side of the room with Jeff and Rooney coming close behind me. Before I knew it I was being nudged along, caught in an undercurrent by the sea of people as they traveled through some more doors and into a separate building in the back. I found myself in a large green hall filled with occupied seats and many people shuffling impatiently at the back. The teachers stood up front, as if on a stage where they would perform for the assembled.

They rattled off the mandatory start of school speech. After every paragraph the hall would be filled with a few whispers of conversation before avalanching into the hissing roar as everyone fought to be heard. A few shouts from the Deputy Head temporarily remedied this problem and calm was restored, if not for a short while.

Little by little the hall emptied as each pupil was assigned a class to go to, and eventually I was reached. Advanced English was to go to History Room 305 for the last ten minutes of the period. Some of us saw no point and wandered off to explore the school some more, but I was curious about who our teacher was going to be so I hopped buildings and climbed the long steps to the class.

A few people were already in there, Daniel and Emma included, and I took a seat as the teacher came in with a cheery voice and beaming smile. She was a nice change to the cold, hard faced teachers that occupied the hall not a few minutes earlier. But we only had enough time to write our names for the register before being dismissed by the bell. I headed back down the stairs and into the wide open room that I had entered at the beginning of the day. This room was later going to be known to me as the "Crush", the main meeting point from now on.

While most people set off to their respective classes, I had a free period so I decided to meet up with some people and explore the school. Jeff was staring at one of the walls, trying to figure out what subject to switch. I joined her, before realising I myself needed to change my subjects to something more to my liking. I pulled her over to a small window based into the wall where the Reception was located. The lady told us that we needed to talk to our guidance teacher, or at least Ms Rooney to switch. And since I still needed a tie I bought one from her, and on an impulse I also bought the new Homework Diary. Something which I regretted soon after as it was no use at all to me.

We walked the almost silent corridors looking for Mr Nelson, but Ms Rooney changed it for us, seeing as we ran into her first. She sat back in her chair with a sigh before giving me a long speech about crashing my subjects and the repercussions for University. I told her, with a smug look on my face, that I already knew all about the application process, and exactly what I needed. She was slightly taken aback, but she agreed to change my subjects for me.

The bell rang symbolising break. I leaned against a wall talking to Jeff as the crowd of people bustled around us again, heaving and crashing and surging through the room. Friends arrived and gathered round to talk and discuss of their adventures so far. I listened to each of them, but my mind was wandering away down the corridor to my Drama classroom. I was in it next period, and before long the bell rang out and I nudged my way through the crowd.

The class was different from what I expected. I wasn't sure what I expected, maybe something that was slightly more like a classroom. But this was quite different. It was dark, a cold blue deepened the room with three windows, all of which were covered over in bland black shades. I felt a sudden twist in my stomach as realisation came over me. I was alone in this class. As far as I had known, none of my friends had chosen this subject with me. I felt as though I would be ignored for the year, adrift as an outcast.

"Hi, are you taking Higher Drama?"

"What?" I said, looking up at three girls who were staring down at me, the one in the middle was the only one talking.

"You're taking Higher Drama, right?"

"Yeah, I'm crashing it."

"Oh thank God, we have a boy in the class!"


"Well, last year all the girls had to do boy parts and everything. It was horrible. Oh, by the way, I'm Hannah."

"Joe." I replied, shaking her outstretched hand.

And so I had met Hannah, my friend in the class. She was great, and really fun to talk to and funny too. She would soon confess to me her unholy love for all things Eddie Izzard, and when she first met me she thought my name was Jew but she didn't want to call me that because she thought I'd be offended. The fact that I thought her name was Lana is beside the point.

Nothing much happened in Drama. The teacher went over the basic course with us before the bell went. And with a goodbye to my new friend I headed out the school and towards the town centre. I had no classes for the rest of the day.

I looked back at the school just before I left. Looking up and down the cold, bland buildings and let out a short sigh.

It was going to be one hell of a year.

Sorry, but due to lack of time I will have to cut this short. Be sure to look for an update on Saturday.

So long.
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At 10:42 pm, Anonymous Cara said...

G\hello darling :)
heyyy i see im not mentioned :( did you not see a strikingly beautiful young girl in a stupid skirt walking past?
where am I??? lol
thr one who ws soon to be slapping your face with her trendy wendy pen?
I want a whole blog dedicated to MOI :P xxx Cara xxx LOVEE YOOO xxxx

At 1:14 am, Blogger Joe said...

Your blog will come in time my dear, in time. I'm slightly more perplexed at how you found the address in the first place...
*Is suspicious*



At 9:04 am, Blogger Insane.Dilusional.Me said...

:O it soooo is NOT suspicious :O *slap* i found yoo on myspace :p (whick you havent yet added me back on smelly bum :P) annndddd the link was in your blog :D
i am making up blog of the photos i took at school :P cuz i rulleeee :P heh
Love yooooo xxxxxxx


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