Sleepwalking my way through life: "Errr, perfectly legally of course."

"Errr, perfectly legally of course."


It's my last day at work today. I was hoping to sneak out quietly when I left, but I don't suppose that's going to happen now.

My original plan was to type up and email saying that there are some sweets by the fax machine, then I would address it to everybody in my part of the office. But I wouldn't send it. I would then go over to the fax machine and fax my pay-slip to Hudson while sneakily putting the box of celebrations on the desk. Then when the fax is sent and I'm back at my desk, I send the email and get my ass out of there as fast as I could without looking suspicious.

But it looks like that plan is out the window.

I was sitting at my desk doing my work when Stewart, one of the managers, came over.

"Joe, is it true that this is your last day?"

"Yeah, where'd you hear it from?"

"Hazel. Where you gonna tell us?"

"Not really."

"Ah. Ok then, give me two minutes." He then went away for a few minutes before coming back and saying, "Well Joe since this is your last day you can have a change."


"Not right now, but after lunch could you head over to IT with Owen? Just give me a shout and I'll introduce you."

"Great. Thanks."

"See you later."


I'm suspicious... Every once in a while round here people gather around some one who's sitting at a desk, say some things, give them something and then clap. I've never been close enough to hear if it was for leaving or just for a birthday, but I hope it's for birthdays.

But what could I do in the IT section? They don't know about any of my skills apart from typing. And I'm even stretching that as a skill. I mean, I know I can type at the speed of sound and all that, but I make so many spelling mistakes on the way it isn't funny. I've reassessed my typing technique and I've discovered that my left hand moves faster than both my right hand and my brain. It types things before I can even think them.

Creepy huh?

Anyway, they don't know any of my other computing skills. Apart from my proficiency with a spreadsheet and average capabilities at photoshop and VisualBasic.

So I'm very suspicious now.

And I'm annoyed at the radio's that are being played throughout the office. There are three being played. One through a digital radio, one through a regular radio and one through the internet. There are different time delays between each radio, so I often end up hearing different parts of the same song mixed together. Usually it gets drowned out as white noise, but sometimes it can be damn irritating.

I emailed my dad this morning, saying that the cost of the laptop should go fifty-fifty, 'cause that's what he said he'd do. And with mum paying the other half, all I need to get are accessories (A mouse namely) and games. Maybe even a few programs too (I'm desperate to try and make a Flash Cartoon), though I might just download them.

Errr, perfectly legally of course.

I'm considering buying myself a game this afternoon. Resident Evil 4 looks pretty tempting to be honest. Plus, I really need to buy a game. Do you know that the last time I bought a game was almost a year ago? That stops me from being a gamer!

And I like being a gamer!

So I might buy a game. I might not. It depends on my mood and if I'm late for the train or not.

I'd better go, Promap is bugging out on me at the moment and I need to fix it.

By the way, this is what I like to call an off topic post. I update, but not in the same style that I've been using recently. So... Yeah.
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