Sleepwalking my way through life: "Cryptic blogs are us."

"Cryptic blogs are us."

A problem has been solved.

Or has it?

Cheesey horror endings suck. But this ending isn't horror. This ending can't end, it never began.

But I'm alright.

Cryptic blogs are us.

I was out. I was out and happy, but their nails have found a hold on my ankles. They're trying to drag me back in. To kick off, or sink?

That is the fucking question now.

My friends are like dice. And I saw another face of a few of them today.

I wish I could roll again.

Hugging Heather on the way out of the party, I whispered "Sorry." into her ear. She'll neither remember the sentiment nor the reason. I still feel bad.

I wonder about my past, and I fear for the future. But I know that whatever will happen, will happen.

Mystery solved, Watson.

Did I dodge a bullet today? Now there are only two paths to take.

Enney meeney miney mo.
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At 12:24 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

wot is it you said sorry about?


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