Sleepwalking my way through life: "Cara"


A change of scenery today, for the first time in ages I'm blogging from INSIDE the school. But this is sort of like a pre-recorded blog for today, seeing as the crappy school doesn't have bloody wireless internet connection. I mean, they should get one in, you know.

Just for me.

Anyway, since this blog is really quite different today, I'm going to do a guest blog. Yes, for the first time in over two years and two hundred and thirty-something posts, I'm going to hand this over and let someone else type this for me. So, may I introduce...

Cara Droy

Hellooooooooooooo :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
haha :P i requested a blog about me not to do one myself. but this is just as brilliant :)
I was going to EAT joe this morning because he was LATE and i was BORED in dramahhh :P he didnt appear till break time the big biotch :P hehe. but he brought his laptop so i decided not to eat him :P hurrah :D
emm...the weekend has been ok.
WORKING alll the time :( but im majorly bummed out because i missed Joes on saturday night. My mummy is mean and said i wasnt allowed to go because i didnt know him that well, where he lived or what he was like. so i am going to find out everything about him just to annoy her and make her let me go to his next partttayyyy heehee :P
work has been okay for me- got m new uniform through which is a horrible purple coloured shirt and a black suit. i look like a fannnyyyy :P
i have another little thing to say
heehee :D i cannot wait to be old :P heh.
Im getting a digital camera- i bought it off the internet yesterday morning- with mummys money obv :p

I have apologised to Joe and others for how shitty my school is, and how bad i feel about them having to come here. ha. my school is such a hole.

This morning in drama i had such an EXCITING time. I wrote about.......
wait for it....
COT DEATH AND CANCER :O can tell im depressing cant you???
Joe is my wee Emo boy.
Dan shoved something of his in Joes mouth that hasnt quite been defined yet. all i know is Dan really enjoyed it- but felt the effects of his drunkeness the next morning.....hrmmmm.....i wonder what I could be thinking :):):)

At the start of last week, Becca was the only person i knew from St its totally different....heres my days and people...

Tuesday- Jennifer, Clare.
Wednesday- Maddy, Joe, John (SIZE 16 FEET!)
thursday- Laura ( properly)
friday- Dan :D

i cannot believe i was actually looking forward to coming to school this morning- sad- but true. im just happy to be getting away from the old people. not that i dont like them- just that five years is enough of them for me.

I am sitting here with dan, joe, john and Ian :) tis fun :) were talking about jekyll and hyde...well they sitting typing like a big fat dork.

ill finish with saying
and Joe is my favourite wee emo boy :P

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <333

This blog was recorded infront of a live audience.
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At 9:52 pm, Blogger Insane.Dilusional.Me said...

haha :) tis meeeeee :D
wayheyyyy :P

At 4:34 pm, Blogger Jules said...

Ooh a guest appearance, nice :)


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