Sleepwalking my way through life: "Bullshit."


Where was I?

Ah yes, my desire for a new hairstyle.

I think I need to change my look. I mean don't get me wrong, if it was legal I'd have sex with my hair, but I just want to change. I don't want people to think I'm some teary eyed emo-kid who shouldn't be bothered with. I mean, look at Frost, the first things he said to me (After he realised who I was) were stuff to do about looking like an emo.

I was thinking instead of a side part thing I'd have a mid-part or something, so I have two parts of my fringe going down my face.
Oh I don't know. Now that I write it down I'm feeling less and less sure about letting go of my sexy emo hair.

But I'm not emooooooooooo!

In other news, I've just began my story for LauraMcG. Some people neglected to tell me that it was her birthday on Friday, so to make it up to her I'm making a story based on three words I asked her to say.
"Bunnies red roses."
That should be pretty easy.
I asked her in the car on the way home, andafter she got out Maddy asked what I meant by it, so I told her. Then she wanted a story too, so I asked her to give me three words.
"Silly fat man."
Maddy's will take longer to write, seeing as I need to get LauraMcG's as soon as possible to make up for her birthday. This is going to be fun...

I've only got fifteen minutes to go, and I haven't bought anything!
I have the biggest craving for coke, but I have three bnottles of that at home so I'll fufill my desire there. But I'm so proud of myself that I haven't bought anything. Looks like my budget thingy is on track and stuff.



I've just logged into my old hotmail account for the first time in about a month. I have over three hundred new emails... Which totals to over seven hundred with the amount of emails I already had. Thank God I've abandoned it.
Yes people, as of a last month I gave up my role as battyratty, and became something else. Something more powerful, something feared, something reveared by the masses!
But I'm not going to say what it is. You know, the shock could kill you and stuff.

Anyway, my email is available on the right there, See the link that says "Mail Me"? Yeah, that's the one. My MSN one is still a secret unless you're someone I really like talking to. Or someone who added me after someone else told you about me. Or something.

But three hundred?
Man, that's a lot of spam, but a chunk is from real people too. Ah well, I still have well over fifteen megabytes of memory left, so I'm fine. Not that I use it anyway.

Jen sent me an text on friday. This does link in with the email story, so bear with me. I was in the Key with Maddy sitting on top of me while on MSN when I read the message. I read it then put it away so Maddy wouldn't get curious and see what it was.
It was in response to what I said a few posts back, about why should I be friends with them if they didn't like me. She replied, saying that they never not-liked me. That they were just having a laugh.
There was also an email regarding the post where it was sort of like a quiz (Here it is). Jen emailed me asking if she was this number and if Charlotte was that number. She also asked me when she said that she hated me. And it got me thinking, you know, about how we were friends and what it was like and stuff. And maybe they were good friends after all. And then one word came to mind that summed it all up.

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