Sleepwalking my way through life: "So no Java for me."

"So no Java for me."

Isn't it scary when you find out that people are watching you?

It was really really odd yesterday.
I got out of work and I headed my usual way to the train station when I realised that I needed to buy new pencils to draw with, so I turned a corner and headed up to the publishers store that I got my sketch book from. On the way up the hill some guy was standing at the corner and he blew smoke from his cigrette in my face. I coughed and gave him a look before I walked on.
Halfway up the street I decided to cross the road since the traffic had stopped. So I sidled my way through the cars with a quick glance back to make sure I was clear. I saw the guy and some other girl goin inbetween the cars too. No big deal, I thought. They were only crossing the road.
So I got to the top of the street and went into the shop where I found a set of six sketching pencils of different quality (Like B, 2B, 3B and so on). I bought them and walked out, glancing round the crowded street as I did. The man was standing next to the post by the shop door with the girl. I pretended not to see them and walked back down to the train station. Halfway down the street I turned quickly into an alley way and stood on the edge, waiting to see if he would follow. He stepped into view and looked as though he was about to turn into the alley, but then he glanced at me and did a jerky turn and continued walked down the street. I didn't know where the girl was and I didn't see him again.

Twas creepy, but that's no the end.

I jumped onto the train after buying myself a bottle of coke and searched for a seat. Luckily I had gotten there earlier than the other day, so there were quite a few empty seats scattered around. I sat at a table seat across from a girl and her mum and then some one else sat down beside me.
I decided to take out my writing pad and finish off the story I was working on that morning. So I took it out, had a swig of coke and started to write. The girls across from me (No older than nine or ten) leaned over to her mother and said something. I had my earphones in so I couldn't hear it, but I knew she was asking what I was writing. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the mother shrug her shoulders and the girl sat back in her seat. And throught the rest of the train ride (Until Clarkston, where they got off) she watched me. And it was kinda creeping me out. She kept watching me through the reflection in the window and stuff.
I eventually ignored her so I could work on the story. And I finished it. Well, there are still loads of corrections and edits to make, but I've finished the main idea of it.
I dunno if I'll post it on DA. I might do if I make it better.

I also have another idea for a story in my head. I haven't had this many ideas in a few years to be honest.

And my fingers are twitching to draw something. I have my sketch pad and pencils with me today, and I'm waiting until lunch comes around so I can let loose with them. I have a few good ideas in my head for drawings too. I know they're not going to come out the way they are in my head, but it's still fun to try.
One of them is from Harry Potter though...
It's from one of my favourite bits in the book, and I know the perfect way to draw it, but I'll probably mess it up some how.

Ah well. I might as well try.

Hurry up and be lunch goddamn ye!

Anyway, my mum was in Manchester last night so me and Chris had the house to ourselves. I mainly watched tv and played San Andreas while Chris read Harry Potter. We pigged out on Penguins too and we had to bin our dinner since it was so disgusting. It actually tasted like it had been sprayed with anti-septic. I keep telling mum not to buy it since it was so disgusting but she always forgets.
So we chucked it and Chris got himself a pizza from the freezer and I didn't have anything since I wasn't hungry. We watched Silent Witness then Big Brother before I headed to bed. I didn't get to sleep until sometime past eleven which is why I was so knackered this morning.

I got tonnes of sleep on the train though. We were delayed at Giffnock for some reason and we were there for a while (I can't really remember seeing as I was asleep) so I got lots of extra nap time.
When I arrived at central I was almost certain that I saw Daniel McKinlay. Well, I saw the back of his head and he was too far ahead for me to catch up and say hi. He was goign in the opposite direction from me anyway and since I was already late for work I decided to leave it. But I did have enough time to grab some cash out of my account for my lunch money for the rest of the week.
I'm spending too much already.

I should have around a hundred and fifty pounds left from my earnings by the end of the summer, and I've already taken a hundred out of my account. I don't want to spend my money yet. I've only got just over three weeks before I can get my laptop.

And I'm going to treat that laptop nice and proper. No downloads, no viruses, no nasty sites, no nothing. It's gonna be my little baby...
Yeah, I'm kinda creeping myself out here.

I'm thinking of getting myself a new layout for my blog. Don't get me wrong, I really love this one, but I still feel it's not exactly me. For one thing it doesn't have a "Recent Post" section with pisses me off slightly.
I'll be damned if I get a Java site though. I have sites like that where when you click anywhere on it a window comes up with the lyrics to Simple Plan's "Welcome to my life".
And even on the off chance there's a decent picture behind it, you can't bloody right click! You try and a window comes up saying "What are you doing? Are you trying to steal my poems?"
No, I do not want to steal your fucking angsty poems I want the kickass picture of the demon in the background!
So no Java for me.
I need a simple one, but one that's instantly customisable. And no tag boards either. I don't want some reject abusing me on one of those too.


I'm off to look for a good one.
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