Sleepwalking my way through life: "[Insert more ranting and rambling]"

"[Insert more ranting and rambling]"

Ok. NOW I'm in a bad mood.

I just spent the last ten minutes writing up a blog about my day and what happened yesterday, all so that Promap can have an error and delete all my open windows.

Lets start again shall we?

I WAS in a semi-good mood and a semi-bad mood. I'm not anymore, but I was when I first wrote it.
You see, yesterday at around three when I was sitting at my desk with nothing to do but write up a blog entry, everyone in the office suddenly got up and left. I was confused so I asked one of the stragglers what was happening. She said that there was no more work to do for the day and that everyone was going home. Fantastic, I thought as I gathered my belongings and headed for the train station. I jumped on, went home, pigged out, played games, and watched tv.
But I'm straying from the point of the story.
So this morning I emailed Hazel - my supervisor - and asked if I needed to make up the hours that I missed yesterday when I went out. And I did. So now I have three options. Either have half hour lunches and leave at five for three days, have no lunch and leave at half four for three days, or have no lunch and leave at five for one day and have no lunch and leave at half four for another.

Tis a tough decision.

I've already had no lunch today, eating my sandwhiches while doing work, but I'm not sure on what option to take. I don't really want to stay here for an extra half hour to do work, but I don't have anything to do at home unless Chris is out. If he's a twork then I can shoot up some gangsters in San Andreas for a while. But he's probably not going to be out.

AND I'm pissed off at the post office. I sent a package to someone almost two weeks ago and it still ahsn't arrived. It wasn't a very big package, but it was sorta heavy for its size. But that doesn't gove them the right to bloody well lose it. I'm not too upset though, 'cause I can easily send another one but I needs some cash before I can do it.
And this time Postman Pat better get his ass in gear.

[Insert more ranting and rambling]

One really wish my computer was fixed. Tis annoying 'cause I can't talk to any of my friends or anything.
I'm looking at laptops and whatnot at PCWorld to see what kind of stuff I can get for my money. I just hope that the computer is fixed so I can transfer everything over.

Oooh. Pretty laptops....
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