Sleepwalking my way through life: "I would like to interject that I am a corporate whore!"

"I would like to interject that I am a corporate whore!"

Oh crap.

I broke the mouse. I broke the goddamn mouse!
Well, not broken it actually. More like disabled it. It is now the most frustrating piece of equipment I've used. And that's saying a lot seeing as I used to own a Mac.
It wouldn't move properly!
Sometimes when I moved it up and down slowly it wouldn't move, but now I'm lucky if I can move it up and down at all. I took out the ball and moved one of the grips over to wards the middle so it could get the ball easier. In the process I accidentally took some of the grip off of the wheel. But there was still a tonne left so I thought nothing of it. Now sometimes it doesn't even move.
Even when I do it fast, it still stays in the same position.
And it's really ticking me off.
I'm goin to leave it over the weekend and report it on monday, saying it must ahve happened when I wasn't here.
"I swear Hazel, it was perfectly fine on friday. A little slow at times, but not like this."
Yeah, that works...

This is why people use motion sensors now. Balls? No, balls are the thing of the past. MOTION SENSORS. That's the key to a successful business and, ultimately, to a successful life. Sure it costs a tad more than a ball mouse, but it's well worth it if you considor the amount of money you have to spend on repairs and replacements.

During this break I would like to interject that I am a corporate whore!

It kinda reminds me of my old Windows 3.5 Laptop. Ah the good times... Anyway, for a mouse it had a ball that stuck out of the keyboard. Now, for years this ball was fine in fufilling its duty of moving the pointer around the screen, but suddnly on a cold and stormy night... It STOPPED!
I eventually figured out that the grips under the keyboard had worn through, leaving the ball only to function irratically at the best of times. This was a blow to me seeing as I used that old laptop for all my writing and my frequent games of solitare and minesweeper. But I eventually learned how to use the computer with nothing more than the keyboard. Sure, a beginners game of Minesweeper took a lot longer than usual, but I was fine with the compromise, and me and my laptop continued our faithful relationship.
That is, until I broke its power lead.

But I can't learn to use this whole system by keyboard. I've tried it a few times, and there are so many bloody outboud links that it takes an age to get through one page. Not to mention I need to open Outlook to send information to other people.
So in other words I am completely buggered until monday.

In other news...
Damn, what other news is there?
I got paid today! Yes, I am one step closer to a new computer!
No, that sucks.

Oh, I forgot to tell you that my mum was at a drive-by down in Manchester.
She was in the building when there were shots outside, and when she and many others went down to see what was wrong there were policemen everywhere and a dead body on the pavement. They weren't allowed to walk out the front door after that and everyone had to leave by the back exit at the end of the day.
The world's mad I tell you.

Gosh darn time. Speed up!

Oh great, they decide to give me a tonne of work AFTER I break the goddamn mouse.
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