Sleepwalking my way through life: "I can't see anymore."

"I can't see anymore."

I'm hungry again.

It's only twenty past eleven, and I'm starving. Damn me and my fast metabolism. Or something to that effect.
I could have sworn that I smelled some delicious fried rice this morning, but about five minutes after it turned into cat food. I mean, who brings cat food into an office?

And yes, I am really tired too.

I didn't get much sleep on the train this morning 'cause of that damn Potter book. It's alright I guess. But every time I need to stop reading it to go to bed or something I always leave it at a good bit. And then when I get back to reading it on the train in the morning then I just go on and on until I reach Central Station. I've been losing precious sleep because of this book.

And I forgot my lunch this morning. I felt the weight in my bag and figured that it was in there, because it was slightly heavier than usual. But then when I got on the train I realised it was the book that had the weight, and my sandwiches were still in the fridge at home along with my apple and a Geobar.
No problem, I thought seeing as I still had a decent amount of money left to buy food. I looked in my wallet and counted up eighty pence, about enough for two chocolate bars.
It's not all bad though. I still have my bank card, so I'll just take out money from there. However, the minimum is ten pounds and I only need a pound or so for my food. I don't really trust myself with that money to be honest. I'm afraid that I might go into Forbidden Planet or Borders and get myself a book or some manga. I could even walk up to "Music Now" and see if I can get a decent CD for six pounds or something.

Now that I've said it out loud (Or more accurately, wrote it down) I think I will head up to the music shop. If I can get that Brand New cd or a Dashboard Confessional cd for a cheap price then I'll probably get it. Well, maybe not Dashboard Confessional. I could just copy the albums I have onto cd when I get my new laptop.
So yeah, only if Brand New is cheap. 'Cause I love their songs on one of their albums.

I can't see anymore.
I put my book away on the train just as we were pulling into Central Station and looked out the window. I looked down at the ground and saw a beer can, but it was all blurry and I couldn't see the words.
And when I got into the office this morning I couldn't actually read anything on the screen because it was so messed up. So I put on my glasses and it got better. Well, it got good enough to read. After a while they became clearer and clearer and now I can see the words perfectly with my glasses on. But still not so good with them off. Tis odd.

Today seems to become a lazy day. I've had hardly any work to do, and when some is given to me, the gaps in between doing work is huge. Like I do two or three allocations and then sit around for twenty minutes surfing the net. I've done loads of things over the past few days. I've read tonnes of blogs, I've discovered a new webcomic in the making, I've become infinitely more active in all my forums, I've written to fan letters to the guy who made VGCats, to Penny Arcade and today I'm going to write one to O from Commissioned.
I'm thinking of joining their forums too, but I don't know yet. Oh, and I've also written a feedback email to a guy who runs a joke blog, Node Corrode. It has some of the funniest jokes I've read in ages.
Go now!

Turn on the air conditoner already!
I feel as though I'm goig to drop off at any moment. I'll probably take a ten minute nap at lunch. Or maybe have a nice sleep on the way home.
But I need to hurry home really quickly to get changed and ready. I'm going to the key tonightand one must be ready for half past six. And my train usually reaches the station at six. Oh dear.
I'll make it some how, even if I'm all sweaty in my work clothes.
On second thoughts I might just hurry home quickly to have a shower...

Wow. Only forty five minutes until lunch? The time has flewn by to be honest. I wouldn't be surprised if it was time to go in an hour or so.
Heheheee. This is directly related to my ramble about time travel and stuff. But I won't bore you with any of that. Again.

I keep thinking I only have two weeks of work left when I actually have three. It's 'cause I'm ignoring my first paycheck seeing as how I've already spent it in expenses, so I'm only thinking that I'm getting five weeks pay for five weeks worth. And since I've done three weeks of my job already then I only have two left.
Stupid brain always making me confused and whatnot...

Best be back to work. Some one has just allocated me some stuff and I'm going to make it stretch out until after lunch.

Until we meet again.
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